Shifting Timelines: Co-creating a New World

When the assemblage point assembles a world, that world is total. This is the marvel that the old seers stumbled upon and never realized what it was: the awareness of the earth can give us a boost to align other great bands of emanations, and the force of that new alignment makes the world vanish. Every time the old seers made a new alignment they believed they had descended to the depths or ascended to the heavens above. They never knew that the world disappears like a puff of air when a new total alignment makes us perceive another total world. – Don Juan, The Fire from Within

Rather than writing, I’m expressing through this video I created.

Gratitude. Energy. Alignment. Intent!

It’s a matter of energy. The force of alignment hooks another band, provided that the seer has enough energy. Our normal energy allows our assemblage points to use the force of alignment of one great band of emanations. And we perceive the world we know. But if we have a surplus of energy, we can use the force of alignment of other great bands, and consequently we perceive other worlds. – Don Juan, The Fire from Within

Keep Dancing!

9 thoughts on “Shifting Timelines: Co-creating a New World

  1. What an incredible display in all the symbols of the Dance of Life, of Creation. I especially LOVED how the dancers where the particles of LIGHT, of Energy, of KNOWING, of participating together in Creation. The Wholeness presented in the many particles/fractals. The Blooming of the Flower of life and each of it’s petals. The Torus, the Completeness, All contained in the ONE, Continually manifesting out of the Center, The Heart Chakra. The many emanations, a new creation for every thought, a new dance for every spark of creativity. I just may be using this video/soundtrack for my daily dance!
    Thank You Lorraine!

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    • Thanks, Kara, I’m glad you like it. It was so much fun to create. Energetically dancing intent into the cosmos. I’m thrilled that you picked up on all of the energetic nuances, there are many! It was challenging getting used to two new software programs but it feels like it’s flowing now. We shall see where this leads. Keep dancing!

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  2. Wow, Lorraine! I am very impressed by your video production and how it moves in excellent timing with the music! This is a stunningly beautiful and fun presentation of the curvilinear aspects of Divine Creation, including the flow of Living Energy of the torus. All of it matches so well the quotes you included from Don Juan.

    On a side note, being of Norwegian descent on my father’s side (his parents were children when their families came to Minnesota from Norway), I learned that the millennia-old Aser/Vaner root language eventually became languages of the Scandinavian countries. In root language, “Tor” means “heart,” and also “heart friend.” The name Thor — as in God of Thunder, and Thor’s Hammer, the Mjöllnir — comes from this root word. So the “torus” literally IS THE HEART, and this is how we create everything, including our friendships and love relationships. All of this makes perfect sense to me, and it was cool to “see that” depicted in your video.

    Let’s keep dancing and creating the new world!

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    • I like the name meanings your provided and how Torus is the heart. When I read that Tor means heart I had to look up “mund” and found it means “protection.” The reason I looked it up is because in Game of Thrones the lead “freeman” or wildling is named Tormund whose authenticity I admired. Now I know that his name means heart protector. Pretty cool!

      Yes, we are dancing awake a new dream!

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      • Lynn, What a wonderful find! Root language is beautiful! Every letter/symbol represents something in the natural and/or spiritual world, then the letters are carefully combined to make longer words and names (e.g., Tormund) and sentences. I learned this in a book called The Bock Saga, which is the first full-text translation of the history of the world according to the Aser/Vaner people who survived all three Earth cataclysms, including the Original Trauma.

        The third cataclysm was created at the order of the Catholic Pope who hired mercenary soldiers to rape, kill, pillage, and raze the villages of the Aser/Vaner people beginning in 1050. It was the remaining Vaner “V” men “i” — declaring themselves “Vi – Kings” — who set out to do whatever necessary to take back their stolen women, children, and precious belongings. This included art; metals and jewels; tools and other technology; and sacred items, some of which had been given as pay to the soldiers and the rest sequestered by the Catholic Church throughout Europe for use in their Satanic/Luciferian rituals.

        Our re-written history tells us that the Vikings were the evil plunderers, when it was so-called Christians who were (are) the real bad guys. They are complete psychopaths that invert EVERYTHING!

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  3. All is mind. When mind ceases how do you witness when the real you- that is infinite; the Totality does not exist? Neither you or your “lineage” or little Carlito or Miguel or all the new teachers of Nagualism including koyote the sightless and his nagual Cachora.. dJ.. ever mention what is visible in nature… all suffering from horrible often terminal aliments(save fir the old lizard Cachora) … the rot of Sol is every where.. Ra and Heru are back this time around for the grand solar purge:) good luck.


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