Just Keep Dancing!

And thus you will dance to your death here, on this hilltop, at the end of the day. And in your last dance you will tell of your struggle, of the battles you have won and of those you have lost; you will tell of your joys and bewilderments upon encountering personal power. Your dance will tell about the secrets and about the marvels you have stored. And your death will sit here and watch you. The dying sun will glow on you without burning, as it has done today. The wind will be soft and mellow and your hilltop will tremble. As you reach the end of your dance you will look at the sun, for you will never see it again in waking or in dreaming, and then your death will point to the south. To the vastness. – Journey to Ixtlan

To me keep dancing means dancing along all the lines of awareness that come into my periphery. When we dance with this perception, if we do not resonate with a particular line or if it depletes our energy, we can discontinue that particular dance. Sometimes, the story that has culminated into a specific line of awareness may bring us great joy so we dance along that line for a long time, maybe a lifetime, or for just a while until we’ve attained the knowledge the line offers or until it becomes worn out or draining. On the other hand, if we do not resonate with a particular line of awareness we can reject it immediately or we may sometimes find ourselves dancing to the end of it anyway, in order to come into a deeper understanding of why that line of awareness even exists. And we may discover that some of those lines are very, very dark. When we dance upon all the lines of awareness we get to see the entire mold of man. The mold of man, as described by don Juan, is not a creator, but the pattern of every human attribute we can think of and some we cannot even conceive.

People are first and foremost creator beings. When two or more people come together who energetically resonate, they may become co-creators. Entering into a relationship that fosters an opportunity for co-creation allows for entire worlds to be created; new, unique, and individual creations that have the potential to be free from illusion such as in the case of creating a New Band of Awareness. There is so much potential in co-creation. When people get out of their own way and align with intent, magic happens and total freedom from all other realities that do not serve the warrior becomes possible. Co-creations can have a downside when instead of aligned with intent the creators are aligned with the mold of man. When an illusory concept is imposed upon a new creation, and the co-creators energetically align with the illusion, old patterns may play out potentially leading to a cult of sorts by design.

What I have learned over a very long time is that all lines of awareness have an origination point and, as I wrote in my book in the chapter entitled The Lineage, the lines that burn the brightest are the lines into which people place a lot of energy. The so-called origination point of a line started as a story from a single person or group as a thought-form – an illusion – and over time, the lines that people argue are “truth” are simply those thought-forms that have been profoundly energized by others. These thought-forms and the buy-in that they receive can be extraordinary and wonderful, or vicious and corrupt. The bottom line is the amount of energy people give to these stories, these illusions.

My intention has been to become free from the mold of man, to dance a magnificent dance; one that brings understanding with the wisdom to become free of all illusion. There is no truth, there is only perception and most everyone has their story or their alignment to someone else’s story. And for each person, all stories that they energetically align with and empower are true. As warriors, we come to find that the people we meet over the years are incredibly diverse and most uphold their story as fact, sometimes unwilling to bend to consider someone else’s reality. They have not been only adherents to a story, they have energized a story based upon the amount of co-creative energy they feed the story. Some share their story with the intention of hooking another’s attention because this causes their story to gain power and expand. Naturally, as a warrior’s story gains power and expands so too does the warrior who adheres to and cultivates the story. Don Juan said to Carlos, So, properly speaking, the posture, the form of a warrior, is the story of his life, a dance that grows as he grows in personal power.

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts. – William Shakespeare. To this end, the only constant is change! I am humbly grateful for those of you who read my blog and resonate with the story that I experience and share. It is not a particularly common story yet it is the story to which I am most aligned, and it’s good to have company. I am open to and appreciate the feedback you provide as it often serves as realization to things I was either unaware or had become outmoded in my dance.


To me keep dancing also represents the physical dance, the graceful undulations of energy that align us with the indescribable sea of awareness. My daily practice includes dancing at least an hour every day and like a meditation or a vision quest, dancing energizes us and allows us to lose ourselves to the rhythm as a witness to vision and knowledge emerging from a distant shore. Likewise, the foot-stomping beat may connect us to the earth and ground us within our story. Dancing also allows us the opportunity to integrate our experiences and visions into the core of our being which ultimately provides us with the ability to manifest or bring them to fruition. And then we recognize that there really is no core of our being, or even center of consciousness within. Rather, the coalescence of energy allows us to remember that we are all, when free of illusion, one amazing and beautiful spark of awareness that unites us all to source energy – or the point of origin – where all things are possible.

Source energy brings us to a whole other level of perception, one that prevents me from postulating as to what the point of origin may be. Big Bang, Holographs, God, Atomics, Multiverses, First Cause, Simulations, Black Holes; take your pick. Me? I’d rather just keep kickin’ it in the mystery without trying to define a power that cannot be named. Create your story, dance it into being, and as don Juan said, if your power is grandiose, may your dance be magnificent!

Just Keep Dancing!!!

6 thoughts on “Just Keep Dancing!

  1. Ahh, Lorraine, I could literally FEEL the beauty and passion of your writing in this piece! What a gorgeous flow of words that really spoke to my heart and soul, and made my spirit feel like I was flying.

    The notion of leaving behind lines of awareness, people, places, and things is so utterly frightening to most people, and of course we are seeing this on full display in the entire world lately. I think that is why those of us who step out onto new dance floors do gravitate to one another. I know this is the case with my husband and me, and my closest friends. But it is also true of the people, like yourself, who I meet in the “virtual world” of the internet and who make my life richer with meaning, purpose, and ever-increasing freedom.

    As an unabashed creative being, I’m starting to view my life is less of a “journey” and more of a sequence of dances. In maturing and individuating, I also find myself embracing the heart and mind of an inquisitive child, with these two aspects of self/spirit helping me to better choose dance halls and dance partners. (Yes, I’m a poet and I love beautiful metaphors!)

    Thank you,💖


    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Sharine. As you bear witness to my dance, I too appreciate witnessing yours and the wisdom that you share in response. The further I slip-slide away from humanistic patterning, the more I feel able to fully connect with the grace and serenity of spirit. The more I let go of the mold of man, the more I become open to authenticity in the highest form. I find that those with whom I resonate with the most I have yet to meet in person. I look forward to the day some of us can hopefully gather and dance together in joy, beauty, and freedom. Maybe in a new band of awareness. 😉


  2. there is a flow to your dance that is very energetic, and very calm at the same time. somehow, as your words touch me, i am visually engaged with the thoughts and feelings of being as flow through systems. energy passes through us, just as particles do. we are never static. our awareness of this constant intake, transformation, and expression of motion in being is certainly our dance. food, as food, as information, as sight and sound, as taste and smell, as encounter with others, with wind and water, with trees and grasses, with rock and sand, entering us, changing us, being changed by us, being sensed, felt, known, is the essence of personal transformation. the dance is the dance is the dance. thank you for dancing in this endless world.


    • Hi Jack and thanks for the depth of your words. Through them I feel the potential for human evolution into the very thing we are each meant to truly be. That which resides beyond all illusion in which transformation is no longer necessary. Just the simple and pure act of being, being each and everything simultaneously. Forever in the flow of energy with full awareness and no sense or thoughts of separation or need. I’m so glad to “know” you. Was thinking about your boat. A star ship perhaps? 🙂


  3. Dear Female Toltec Warrior I was heartened reading your email, so wild, freeing and positive. It went straight to the heart of my life. I had forgotten how wonderful Mayan Toltec makes me feel. Thanks for the reminder Yours Barbara Sharp

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