A New Band of Awareness

They (sorcerers) don’t look for definitions, but for results. If a practice is able to elevate our level of awareness, what does it matter how we explain it to ourselves! The means by which we will start acting to save and increase our energy are not important, because once we are in possession of our totality, we enter a new field of attention where we don’t care about concepts anymore, and things demonstrate themselves. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

When we can perceive from the perspective of “double vision” we are able to flow effortlessly among the various states of awareness, no longer clinging to this or that or the words that define them, i.e. tonal, nagual, 1st, 2nd or 3rd attention, stalking, dreaming, etc. The ability to have “double vision” allows us to merge multiple points of reference from which a new point of reference emerges. We align with intent and through that alignment we have no choice but to see things as they constantly unfold and then to participate in that creation or simply be a witness to it. From here we can, indeed, begin to navigate from a state of pure perception.

Since it is there and we can see it, experience it and work to avoid it, I can continue to talk about the predator, the false matrix, the dominant paradigm etc., etc. but to do so is simply repeating a pattern. My goal is to completely move beyond the world of repetitive patterns and since we have become fully aware of the energy that we refer to as the predator, the foreign installation and we are seeing it or open to it (sensing, feeling, intuiting, knowing) we no longer need to discuss it.

The warrior knows that he lives in a predatorial universe. He can never let his guard down. Wherever he looks, he sees an incessant fight, and he knows that it deserves his respect, because it is a fight to the death. Don Juan was always moving, coming or going, supporting this or rejecting that, provoking tensions or discharging them in a burst, shouting his intent or remaining silent; doing something. He was alive, and his life reflected the ebb and flow of the universe. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

Since many of us have recapitulated the stories and patterns of the foreign installation and are choosing to reside more fully in the moment we are amassing personal power and becoming impeccable with our energy. I can understand how some may think that we’ve reached the goal, I can understand how some people don’t believe there is a goal and due to the wondrous nature of each beautiful moment I can understand why some may decide that further work towards total freedom may seem pointless and that we are chasing after our tails.

What I see is that we are indeed entering uncharted territory and we are assisting each other in this whether we think we are or not. I’m reluctant to say that what we are embarking on is the creation of a new paradigm and yet, a paradigmatic shift is exactly what must occur in order to remove ourselves from the slavery of what has become an innately repetitive meme that holds humanity prisoner to the foreign installation. Since paradigms typically embody concepts, models, structure and consensual agreement, even a new one will, in time, become a pattern.

Since I’m not trying to save humanity or the planet, I’m not really fond of the idea of creating a paradigmatic shift, it would take too much energy. I’m just trying to continue to deepen and hone my awareness and to keep dancing along the lines of awareness. This shift or new band, for seers, is not comprised of a “plan”. It does not have structure. I have come to find that the only thing we can do is align with intent. Period. It takes work, it takes discipline, it takes an extreme measure of mindfulness, diligence and awareness. And then, when we give ourselves over to the unfathomable sea of awareness in total fluidity I trust that the shift will simply emerge in the form of new lines, new energetic fibers and new possibilities. And I look forward to seeing and experiencing what that will be like. In fact, I already am. The new band of awareness already exists, all we need to do is align with intent and we are there. There are no words, it just is.

~ Keep Dancing and see you there!

12 thoughts on “A New Band of Awareness

    • Excellent article. Rare to see such coherent understanding.

      Not necessary to use our own energy to change the paradigm.
      nagualJuan’s strategy is shifting Earth’s assemblage point to its position of Reason.
      That in itself changes the Tonal of the Times.

      Once Earth has resumed control of her assyp,
      her own immune system may well kill or purge the sly enemy.

      As with human assemblage points,
      the AwarenessParasite intends fixation at a location that leaves Earth vulnerable.

      So, in addition to helping move Earth’s assyp,
      I am looking to reverseEngineer the enemy leverage on her assyp.
      Any new clues would be welcome.


  1. “…what does it matter how we explain it to ourselves! … once we are in possession of our totality, we enter a new field of attention where we don’t care about concepts anymore, and things demonstrate themselves.”

    Just reading the intro passage provides immense relief to warriors stumped with the question: What do I do here, in this new paradigm?

    For a stalker used to always doing (“do, do, do!”), she can reconcile herself with not-doing in its purest (and literal) form, and thus establish the beginnings of a closer relationship with the less-developed “dreaming” function. Likewise, a dreamer can immerse himself in the throes of the doing of things more associated with stalking.

    But in crossing that border, the warrior doesn’t care about concepts any more.

    “Liberation through formlessness” I guess… But now even more liberating because who gives a shit what it’s called any more. And no further thought is needed on the topic.

    It just is.


  2. Is this bullshit ?
    What does it mean ?
    How can knowledge and order have no part in being impeccable ?

    How does one go forward based on a detailed view of the Eagle’s fibres ?
    Hands up ! Who can see Intent as the Eagle’s fibres ?

    Who is fully aware of the predators concealed in the mind ?
    One fact is certain – they intend that we shall know nothing about them.
    The predators want us to NEVER discuss their role in crippling us.

    Patterns have limitations.
    That does not make them useless or anti-awareness.
    The whole of science is based on mapping and interpreting observable patterns.
    No way would I abandon scientific method, especially when dealing with the Unknown.


    • WiggeDoubt, you say, “Patterns have limitations. That does not make them useless or anti-awareness.” This is a good point on your part, and to this I agree. Some thoughts on what you say…

      I think as an extension of your words, one could also say that people can use the “issue with patterns” to serve as an opportunity to see patterns’ for the self-limiting things they are. To this end, seeing patterns, recognizing them, and accepting them for what good they can bring us is entirely legitimate. Likewise, for us to see beyond patterns, and know that there is vastly unexplored content in the universe beyond the constraint of patterns is also good. Some folks would call this exploration of the unknown the struggle for freedom.

      You are a proponent of science, which is admirable. Considering that the original meaning of the word science is “knowledge, to know,” then to seek knowledge beyond what is currently known and socially acceptable – even beyond patterns – is a noble exercise of awareness. For some warriors, “science” equates to knowledge, and includes all things empirical and beyond, including that which many would call irrational. Science = knowledge = awareness.

      To address the concern that “knowledge and order have no part in being impeccable” – I think that Castaneda is not trying to obviate knowledge and order. When he says, “we don’t care about concepts anymore” it may be his way of saying that he recognizes the existence of conceptualization and its usefulness. After all, he he even uses it to form the very words he wrote in his book. The very fact that he had the coherence to write his books means he still retained knowledge and order. But he also recognized that when a warrior makes the passage from a land of pure reason and ration into an unknown territory where ration no longer applies (and is not needed), then one has to adapt to and be open to the new rules that apply to that new landscape.

      Ration, reason, and the scientific method all have their righteous place within their realm of human thinking. However, when considering how large the universe is, one may see that rational scientific thinking is only a small part of the universe. A grain of sand on the vast beach of the universe. That grain of sand has its place, yet there are so many other grains of sand, as well as driftwood, stones, the air and other features of that new universe-scape – all commanding their own realm, occupying their own space.

      I think what is at issue here is that we have been acclimated, inculcated, ruthlessly programmed to seek that “one solution” – a panacea to resolve all issues. This programming is a perfect example of the self-limiting patterns in thinking that many of us suffer, having been taught to accept these patterns without question since birth.

      This all sounds perfectly reasonable. However…

      What of awareness beyond the constraints of rationality and science-as-we-know-it?

      What of the uni-verse that exists without thought?


  3. I have one question which may sound like nonesense.

    The question is if such a band can be created by ‘you or me’ you get the idea or is it a creation that …mmh will just occur.

    The idea that formed that question for me is that it shall take a lot of energy.

    On the other hand, the realm of the dreamer and the dreamed , however you want to difine that/these, may align for this or for no purpose.

    This is totaly new to me, and good luck FW, in your endavours.


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