Utter Awareness

Therefore, the Rule for the seers of the new era is preparation; that is their distinctive stamp. They should cultivate their minds in order to know and understand everything. The intellect is the comfort of today’s Toltec, just as in the past, it was the affection for rituals. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

When I recently read this quote from Carlos it struck a chord deep within me. It appears to me that people who are truly beginning to prepare for some monumental shift in awareness through awareness. This shift is not limited to humanity, it also includes the earth. First suffice it to say that the Toltec are, according to don Juan, men and women of knowledge. There are now, more than ever before, warriors and people of awareness walking on the earth. They are from every ethnic background, every level of education, and represent every age group.

The primary focus here has to be of awareness, cultivating it, honing and it and becoming fully immersed in it within each and every moment. The Toltec are becoming, as Carlos said, a large group of warriors who have harmonized their individual intents. Almost as though the Toltec are becoming groups or parties of self-aware organisms, their sole purpose is to perpetuate a non-human dimension of awareness – a dimension in which personality is no longer the aim. Simply, an unfathomable sea of awareness. Within each self-aware organism individual entities work together with a deep intent that is focused towards exploring the unknown, investigating in teams what we otherwise cannot know.

Living as part of the universal whole, an energy state that no ordinary man can even conceive of, is shaping our lives and we in turn are realizing that we can shape it. There are no routines, there is no ego, there is no ignorance, there is no interpretation. There is only being, a being in oneness where the action of every person is made from a point of awareness, with awareness and because of awareness in regards to how each action affects the whole.

When warriors have become impeccable with their energy and each organism of awareness, the group or hub of warriors resides within its own womb of creation, so to speak. It is within the hub that the warriors are nurtured. This is an energetic nurturing through genuine concern for each others well-being, an opportunity to decompress so to speak, to empty, to share knowledge, to develop ideas based upon the knowledge and to move forward in a state of heightened awareness that is so sharp and immeasurable it can barely be identified or discussed, it is simply executed.

The hub or group is not exclusive, it is only energy and is available to anyone who winds up being within it. There are hubs everywhere, one only has to be open to the energy and in so doing will be able to connect effortlessly. The warriors know each other through cultivating relationships based in awareness. They get to know each other in person, through others, on-line, it really doesn’t matter how, what matters is that they know that they know each other.

One mustn’t become preoccupied with the form that Castaneda speaks of, he simply does so in his own inherent need to be understood with clarity and it’s a good thing. Some people really need to have a vivid representation of what they are immersed within while others simply need only know the energy of the specific configuration. It’s all patterns anyway, like beautiful fractals that just go on and on forever from each other out into infinity coming back to the center and riding the waves out again only to return with more knowledge and strength in synchronistic camaraderie, acceptance and harmonic solidarity. As the hubs strengthen in energetic confluence more and more people will awaken to the energy of that which is. There is no need to recruit or convert others; they will arrive of their own volition to that which has no other choice but to expand and prevail through its intricate and absolute simplicity. And if they never get it that’s okay too because they will eventually leave their human form and as new human forms enter into the earth’s orbit those will come in grounded in awareness. It is already occurring.

Don Juan said that a true change of worlds happens only when the assemblage point moves into man’s band, deep enough to reach a crucial threshold, at which stage the assemblage point can use another of the great bands.

It’s a matter of energy. The force of alignment hooks another band, provided that the seer has enough energy. Our normal energy allows our assemblage points to us the force of alignment of one great band of emanations. And we perceive the world we know. But if we have a surplus of energy, we can use the force of alignment of other great bands and consequently perceive other worlds. ~ Don Juan, The Fire from Within

Keep dancing!


9 thoughts on “Utter Awareness

  1. It’s true…White Toltecs, known as Druids, were trained in the Atlantean temples by the Toltec priests and priestesses..And the current system has the Celtic lands as the origins of our civilizations…The druidic system of today…All megalithic technology, harmonic temple sites and psychological concepts on the earth are Toltec…Even, Carl Jung was a reincarnated Toltec…Even Eckhart Tolle…simply means: Toltec Hear…See?


  2. Amazing Post. I think that an evolution of the human species is approaching a critical mass. In the coming months and years we will see many more people opening up to awareness that never had before. The ones who are inclined to engage in awareness will be attracted to those who are already walking it.


  3. Wow. The bands of awareness have always been there. They’re everywhere. Sometimes in second attention, I get this fleeting feeling of remembering myself, of knowing things, just knowing through perception beyond intellect or sorcery,,,, The bands of awareness are creating a new awareness………………….
    Female Warrior, you are a tremendous dancer!


  4. It is all a matter of energy. The energy stored, used and efficiently and managed to gain deeper access to knowledge and awareness. At one time, thousands of years ago, there were multiple bands of humans spread across this beautiful earth. Each band had different awarenesses and thus different perceptions. In many cases bands lived totally here, in others they were invisible to those around them, and some considered themselves animals because they ate these animals and became that perceptual framework. The all were efficient with their energy because they had to be or death was right there not only for the individual (which many did not have a real defined concept of) but of the whole band. They evolved along energy needs and expanded their awareness based on the needs of the band together. Today, the whole of humanity has become addicted and tied to a very limited source of energy, monlithic agriculture and oil. This limited energy use has created a limit in the bands of awareness that are accessible to the whole… monolithic culture becomes monolithic awareness – the one.

    Whether anyone is toltec, builder, creator, sorcerer, seer, the only way to move forward is to release the monolith and envision other bands of potential. This is grounded in how we gather and maneuver our energy. When we work together not to be the same, but to have various perceptual frameworks in the work of perception, the greater band can shift to differing modes of being. What that looks like is entirely up to the “creators of the shift” (my definition of toltec)…. There are an infinite number of bands of awareness, we can explore and have access to when we shift our energetic matrix… together we can explore more… but like the ancients, we need to accept a diversity of perceptual frameworks to really push the boundaries away from the monologs.


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