Don’t Chase the Bird of Freedom

The moment ideologies – including nagualism – become widespread, they become cultural mafias, schools to make people sleepy. No matter how subtle their postulates are, and no matter how much they try to validate them with personal corroboration, they end up conditioning our actions according to some form of reward or punishment, and by doing that, they pervert the very essence of the search. If the pillar of my faith is a salary, what merit does it have? ~ Carlos Castaneda

“Toltec Mastery” has become one such school to make people sleepy and this is evident in the work of those who pretend to bring this important knowledge of the Toltec forward. I am diligent in my efforts to disengage from the Toltec label since it is becoming a cult-like, dogmatic structure that has more to do with outmoded and repetitious patterns that are found in predominant worldwide religions and less than freedom.

Nagualism is the unprecedented awareness of the mysteries found through silent knowledge, not a religion or a school. What I write is an account of my experiences and understandings from my perspective only, thus, it is true for me. Perhaps you have perceived similar things or even the same things, because I have come to realize that I have perceived many of the things Carlos and his party has written of. Enjoy what you read but don’t believe anything I say. Engage in the warrior practices to shift your assemblage point from its fixated position so you can be open to perceiving through your own unique dance towards total freedom.

I have been engaged in several conversations lately with people who are by all rights Castaneda purists. These are warriors who recognize the validity and “truth” of Carlos’ writings yet are reluctant to veer too far off of the path in their on-going quest to attain deeper levels of awareness and total freedom. While I may seem to deviate from the labels and syntax originally presented by Castaneda, it is not so much an attempt to diverge as it is an endeavor to preserve this beautiful and mysterious lineage. What we need to allow is for the path to continue to emerge and evolve.

We cannot be content to believe that what Carlos has written is the foundation, framework, and final outcome because if we do we will find ourselves flatlanded and the path will succumb to those who only seek to control people by claiming to be the masters, the rulers and the lords thereby perpetuating an age-old myth.

Carlos said, Part of my task as a nagual has been to renew the nomenclature. Words wear out. Don Juan himself used terms which, from my point of view, were already archaic, because they were linked to the Mexico of antiquity, not with today’s world. However, due to lack of time, I have not dedicated enough attention to this matter. It is a task that I’m giving to those who want to assume it. The goal of modern seers is, more than ever, total freedom; but to achieve it, it is important that the strategies are continually refined.

It is imperative that the words and descriptions change in order to ensure that the path of Nagualism remains fluid and un-fixated. The so-called “Toltec Masters” who are creating a following of Toltec adherents are working diligently to disempower this path by diluting it, unifying it with religious concepts and ultimately fixating the assemblage points of its followers by creating a concise syntax of definitions, expectations, rewards and dogmatic schema. Clearly the work of The Predator.

Nagualism is about connecting with the unknown and of perceiving energy directly. The point is to become free of the social order by recapitulating the man-made “stories” and not in seeking to find solidarity through consensual agreement. There is no truth, there is only perception and when we can free ourselves from yearning to discover the truth behind the mystery and instead focus on perceiving the immense beauty of it as it is and not as others have been telling us, we are free.

While recently reviewing the old blog posts that I pulled from this site, I am in the process of editing them and will begin to repost the ones that correlate to the warrior’s energetic endeavors towards aligning with, and even creating, a new band of awareness. We have no choice but to keep moving forward, aligned with intent and free from all patterns, even the ones we create ourselves. Alignment. Emergence. Evolution. Power is and power moves.

~ Keep dancing!

12 thoughts on “Don’t Chase the Bird of Freedom

  1. FM, I have contemplated some of the problems you discuss for some time and agree with the need to trust ourselves-the spirit lead me to this forum with important consequeses for the completion of my task:one that was given me 28 years ago and confirmed by AT- thank you again- for some reason I trust your endevours( unlike some of the groups you allude to). The Messenger, now in the mountains.


  2. there are in essence and by definition an infinite number of Toltec nomenclatures – as many as there are practitioners on the pathand more. As a 3 pronged Nagual I will be sharing mine with the world soon


  3. Any ideology that claims freedom as its ultimate goal is willingly eager to put itself out of business with it “followers.” At best (and rightly so) it merely provides the warrior / traveler a springboard from which to begin the journey.

    Perhaps an ideology starts with a few reference points, a few traveling tools, such as labels and words that comprise a matrix for discussion with fellow travelers about the events that occur upon the path. But ultimately, any word, label, construct or similar tool the traveler carries must ultimately be cast aside, for they are purposed only for a specific arena of operation. Once the traveler enters new territory, those constructs and patterns no longer work. A former jackhammer operator no longer needs her heavy tools when she decides to become a botanist.

    The traveler takes up new tools appropriate to every new part of the journey. And even then, the notion of needing tools in any form shall also be discharged eventually – for freedom requires no encumbrance.

    If you haven’t already, get used to the idea of saying good-bye soon to Carlos Castaneda, don Juan, nagualism, and whatever other sticky fly-paper ideas you attribute to them.

    You are born into, and depart this world naked. The suit of clothes they dress you up with in the casket is merely a well-intentioned idea.


  4. “dancing into new territory” on the wings of bird that can not be chased….
    that was the gift! the wings of intent come with no strings attached…. and anyone or anything that tries to convince otherwise……


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