Synchronicity Within the Illusion

We live in illusion, the appearance of things, but there is a reality and we are that reality. When you understand this, you see that you are nothing, and being nothing, you are everything. That’s all there is. – Kalu Rinpoche

The past week has been so powerful in so many ways. With a full moon last Monday leading up to the fall equinox the energy that percolated was invigorating as well as mentally stimulating. As the harvest comes to fruition and the leaves change color and fall from the tree, the fall equinox represents the beginning of new cycle.

This fall equinox provides us with the opportunity to honor all of life’s experiences from the past year. To release them with humility and gratitude and to become empty, once again, so that balance and harmony may enter in to hold the fertile space for the seeds of greater vision to grow. While we sit in the darkness of shorter days and longer nights, we are preparing for the birth of light within, illumination, which occurs on the winter solstice as the light returns to lengthen the day and shorten the night. We are in sync with the cycles of the earth.

I recently began re-reading The Power of Silence and in the introduction Carlos relays that don Juan told him that in the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which sorcerers call intent, and that absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link. All I’ve thought about for the past couple of weeks is cleaning my connecting link with intent and seasonally speaking, it is the perfect time to undertake this task.

Last Thursday while in the sweat we chanted and sang and drummed and rattled for about fifteen minutes, each of us singing or chanting a different thing simultaneously which resounded into a perfect harmonic rhythm. When we get out of own way and are present in our connection to the eternal, the harmonic synchronicity resonates from spirit through each of us bringing us into perfect unification and balance. You see that you are nothing, and being nothing, you are everything.

And then on Saturday I went on an amazing hike not far from home and discovered a hidden gem of natural beauty that encompassed a diverse microcosm of multiple geographic locations within one rather small locale. There were waterfalls, natural hanging gardens, moss, bubbling creeks, serene pools, boulders, cactus, pine trees, maple trees, even vines. It just went on and on; a magnificent plethora of pristine beauty, ever changing with each step. Connecting to the pulse of the earth always provides a monumental energy boost and I spent that evening reflecting upon and eliminating social constructs to which I am not aligned. Social constructs only exist because humans agree that they exist. Someone might have said something hundreds or thousands of years ago from their own illusory perspective and then everyone bought into it and made it a reality. Illusion!

So I’m driving around yesterday thinking about how everything is an illusion and how we each have the capacity to manifest whatever it is we would like to – basically creating our own illusion to fit our fancy – and how having a clear connecting link to spirit will amplify the creation of illusions that represent the reality I manifest for myself and this song comes on the radio that I haven’t heard in a very long time!

And finally, to end the week since the full moon on the 20th, I moved a hanging wall tile from my patio yesterday afternoon to discover a bat on the wall behind it! I screamed and ran away for a minute and then, as it began to climb the wall I went back in the house. Always interested in the omens that present themselves to me I come to find that a bat encounter is an omen that part of your life has ended, opening the opportunity for something new to emerge. In addition, bat may also come into your sight when the Universe is trying to tell you to let go of old thoughts and beliefs. So apropos considering letting go of illusions, social constructs, outmoded beliefs, and cleaning the connecting link to intent.

Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live. – Mark Twain

Have Fun and Keep Dancing!

8 thoughts on “Synchronicity Within the Illusion

  1. Yes a synchronicity, and many in this life of illusion. Just today I was thinking about everything I have bought into especially in this last year. We are listening to the imagination of programmers, and purchasing their story of reality and then living by their imagination. It becomes our imagination, it becomes our path, it becomes our creation. That is what the matrix is, a web of illusions. I even wrote to a friend yesterday suggesting she might take certain precautions, and after I sent her the message I began to ponder what I had myself, just bought into! As I sat with this, more and more illusions that I have been buying as truth showed up, more and more stories that others are living, I have bought into, and I am perpetuating them by beLIEving in them. Today is the day I thought to myself I must end this once and for all, and then Lorraine,, your message showed up in perfect timing, in perfect flow, in Synchrony!


    • The warriors’ war is a personal and inner struggle, a silent conflict waged over an invisible resource. Ours is a war that is never completely won, a battle that plays itself out moment by moment in the choices that we make throughout each day. We remain at war, not because we want to, but because it is the only way for us to accomplish our personal transformation. And when all is said and done, we battle for only one reason, because impeccability is the only thing that matters on the warrior’s path to freedom. – Tomas

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      • This inner struggle/matrix distraction has an all encompassing grip, thinking in programmed patterns, moment by moment feeding oneself imaginations, becoming totally lost from the ONE TRUE MOMENT of ETERNITY. Impeccability, is that knowing, that the battle never had to be fought. The return to NOW, no more chasing that invisible resource, that never was out of reach, because we were and always are WHOLE.


        • Beautifully said!!! The inner battle or conundrum or whatever word you would like to use to replace battle/war lies in “moment by moment in the choices that we make throughout each day” and whatever they are to ensure that we are impeccable with our energy leaving no energetic ripples for ourselves or others.

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  2. my own passage this year has been blessed in the past weeks with a wonderful infusion of active energy. There has risen a doing that is counter balancing the not doing of the early summer. sort of like an inner trampoline. For reasons I don’t yet grasp, the subject of sailboats has taken my imagination by storm. A dozen books about every aspect of sailboats, from canoes to 40 foot ocean cruisers came into my hands for free. Then I found several youtube videos. Wondering where this will lead me.

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    • Wow, Jack, that sounds amazing, so many possibilities! This sounds like it can bring a lot of joy, especially with the finished project. I always thought a live-aboard sailboat would be awesome, just kind of drift with the wind. Keep me posted on which direction you take, good luck and have a blast creating.

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  3. Synchronicity indeed! My husband and I went for an extremely strenuous hike in the Pinnacles National Park on Monday. We walked through a man-made tunnel which is called a “cave” because bats nest there. Since it was a bright sunny day, no bats were in the cave. However, there WAS a large bat in my dream last night! It was attacking my head as I screamed and tried to wave it away, but suddenly I stopped flailing and the bat looked at me directly in the eyes then flew away.

    Because of the hike, bats were now psychologically “on my radar” (no pun intended with their echolocution abilities) and my fear of being attacked by bats showed up in my dream. I went to a fascinating webpage about bat symbolism to explore what my dream bat was alerting me to. Here are a couple of key insights from the author:

    + “A sign your higher-self is helping you sharpen your sense of true seeing”

    + “In Shamanism, Bat Medicine ties directly with the Shaman’s ability to walk between the worlds”

    + “…helping you to face the inner darkness and loss you most fear. By embracing and facing your own mortality and transcending fears of loss and change, you can find greater power and spiritual connection”

    + “Native American stories use Bat symbolism to carry the idea of seeing with the higher self or soul”

    + “Living in darkness, Bats use echo-location to fly quickly and easily through darkness and around unseen obstacles. Bat dreams where they are flying at you or around you symbolize that you need to stop and get ‘a sound hold’ of what is around you. Do you see all the hidden aspects of a situation and what’s moving toward you and away from you?”

    My fear of being attacked by bats is a fear of physical pain, and of being powerless against a “dark, winged little vampire.” I know that this is death-cult programming, and I see now that the dream bat, by getting my attention and then looking directly into my eyes, is alerting me to see the programming as a social CON-struct, an ILL-usion. This merges well with the author’s notions of 1) developing increased intuition and “true seeing,” 2) being IN the world but not OF it, and 3) getting ‘a sound hold’ on what is around me. These aspects of developing my Divine “silver cord/chord” connection surely support letting go of the Grand ILL-usion and the fear of “death” which is the biggest fake of all.

    Thanks, as always, Lorraine, for sharing your profound insights with us!

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    • Hi Sharine, and WOW!!! Thanks for all of the shared insights about bat. Funny that bat showed up to both of us as a reminder or aid in seeing through the illusion that encircle us all. Many of us are, essentially, increasing personal power to see clearly beyond all of the cult(ure) programming that is either deeply rooted in history or emerging in the now. As more and more people of awareness and freedom begin to live in the world but not of it we will be able to cumulatively and consciously shift our attention and awareness into a new and beautiful dimension of existence. It’s a joy to dance on this earth with you, Sharine!

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