The Flaw with Words

Those of us attempting to access the essence of nagualism must accept an outrageous premise; even though the teachings of don Juan are now available in print, the silent knowledge that underlies those teachings remains completely beyond the power of the written word. The Toltecs insist that anything truly “of the spirit” must be actualized as a personal experience rather than simply written or talked about as an intellectual concept. – Tomas, Creative Victory

For years I have included in my blog posts, “Don’t believe a word I say, have your own experience!” Having spent the past couple of weeks contemplating my decade’s long journey in awareness on the Toltec path got me to thinking about – once again – recapitulating these teachings; it seems as though most of them have become superfluous for me. While there was a time when much of these practices were necessary, it is now time to actualize the fact that power is and power moves.

The Buddha expressed it beautifully by simply asking his students to remember. And what were they to remember? Remember their self. To come into the awareness of the ever-present field of consciousness from which they emerged into form. Remember? Re-member. Merge with the center of consciousness within, there is no separation there is only power.

When the island of the tonal (first attention) is swept clean and we are in balance with the nagual (second attention) we find ourselves in a continual state of fluidity where we recognize that there is only humility in the face of self (third attention). And what is the self? It is pure consciousness, a power that is backed only by unbending intent. Power is and power moves. Almost every path is a path of evolution and at some point in time a path may reach its evolutionary end. This doesn’t mean that we stop evolving; it means that the tools offered by a particular path have become worn out or are no longer necessary. For some new tools are needed, for others no tools are required. With the teachings and lessons fully integrated we have only to re-member the center of consciousness within to the single point through which we and all things emerged.

Immersed in this single point of awareness brings us beyond the warrior’s dialogue and into a life of impeccable action. If we choose to remain trapped within the rhetoric of a path that we have clearly outgrown, we become individuals within a social construct – an assemblage of data so to speak – with that very data fixating our assemblage points in alignment to another person’s story. There comes a point in time when we need to liberate ourselves from the story.

For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly. – don Juan. After traversing a path’s full length, we may come to find that the teachings offered, that were once so valuable, now have the potential to entrap us.

When we release the words that are so often wrought with expectation we find that we have the ability to move freely into deeper realms of the abstract. It is experience that allows us to move beyond the limitations of those who claim to hold the key to awareness and thus, hold all of the answers. When we have our own experiences we recognize that there truly is no truth, there is only perception. And each perception has the potential to offer magnificent insight and intriguing concepts into the worlds that lie beyond the limitation of words that were previously used to describe a particular experience.

It is impossible to explore the Toltec experience without transcending this insidious and fatal flaw with language. We must respect the unfathomable nature of the mysterious universe by rejecting the ludicrous notion that simply reading and thinking about nagualism will eventually lead us to a direct and silent understanding of the abstract. – Tomas

Keep Dancing!

10 thoughts on “The Flaw with Words

  1. Beautiful. I found Tomas many years ago in a tiny book store. His first book “The promise of power” is a great concordance to supplement the books of “CC”. I love creative victory and have read it countless times and we don’t know who Tomas really is, maybe CC himself?


    • Hi Philip, I too read this book many years ago and a few times since then. It really sums it up for those of us who have made the commitment to do the work. As he says, “The promise of power is made to the warriors who rest because power and impeccability reinforce themselves.”


  2. Great post, Lorraine! It takes courage and heightened awareness to know when a situation is no longer “of the heart.”

    My husband recently retired from his job as a music therapist at a state forensic psych hospital, two years before qualifying for his full pension, because he was no longer able to DO music therapy. The system lost its heart, and he had to leave. It was the best decision we have made since he accepted the job in 2003, and isn’t that how life is sometimes?!


  3. She said it! She said it! She said it!
    All words are highly misleading. They can only describe. A description can never be the thing it describes! Describe the taste of a pommegranite. Do the work. Stalk self importance. Live impeccably..


  4. I find myself washing hands as the silent observer a lot these days. Quietly letting everything just flow… even if its down the drain…Thanks Lorraine, for sharing this, in the silence the truth does arise.


  5. what you say fills me with admiration. what you mean gives you wings.
    words are linear sequences of small memes, like bricks. enough bricks put together and you have a house. but if you let your house decide the limits of your life, you have done nothing but build your own prison.
    i love what you say, but more than that, i love that i am a witness to your becoming. dance with the wind. spreading the wings of perception, always letting your feathers carry you into the heights.


    • Thanks, Jack. I appreciate your insights so much and your wisdom that backs them. You provide me with the impetus to keep on moving forward in spite of the obstacles and backlash that we encounter along the way. Happy to have you as a witness to the dance.


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