Expanding Beyond Paradigms

The ancients started with an understanding that we are transitory, but they allowed themselves to become corrupted by seductive ideas of survival. As a result, they were filled with self-importance and lapsed into exclusivity. The new seers discontinued all that by giving the fluidity of the assemblage point first priority. They had observed that, as soon as that point moves, the idea of secrecy changes into idiocy, because in the realm of energy there are no rigid limits between conscious beings. In consequence, what became most important for them was to get rid of all speculation and emphasize the practical side of the path. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

The exclusivity of the sorcerers’ party in the Castaneda paradigm basically became their demise as they attempted to remain in isolated separation from the rest of the world. They diligently worked at honing their skills towards connecting more deeply with intent and silent knowledge for their goal of ultimate freedom but guarded it intensely as though they had been carefully chosen to be the sole warriors of awareness from a long lineage that preceded them. They lived within a concept that they called “the Rule” and were dedicated to a tradition of people of knowledge that stretched back thousands of years, however, they were extremely private and believed that everything outside of the strict adherence to the teachings was a waste of time. And then when Carlos left this world his party disappeared completely!

While I can understand an attempt to preserve a long-held tradition rooted in both power and knowledge it seems that the time has come for even this pattern of perception to be destabilized from the strength of the fixated position that holds it as though it is time to shift even the assemblage point of awareness itself. There are many, many people across the globe that adhere vehemently to the teachings of Castaneda but even Carlos said that there is no such thing as ‘the teachings of Castaneda’ and that he just tried to be direct and to act from his silence.

To me, Carlos did indeed provide us with teachings and I feel that these teachings are important and must be made more widely available to anyone who is willing to make a commitment to walking the path of a warrior. It is time now more than ever before to allow for the knowledge of these ways to come forward in their purest form, as a direct source of energy from the connection that one could make with silent knowledge.

To do so, we must first shift the assemblage point of attention itself that had long ago become fixated by the ancient seers in their attempts to keep the knowledge secret. As a result, they have created the stagnation of attention so to speak. It is for this reason that so many attempts to perpetuate these teachings have basically fallen flat or become minimized and diluted. There are a lot of people who recognize the validity of this path yet few who are able to move beyond that which has already been affirmed in the books.

Our evolution is being challenged on so many levels and there seems to be a conflict of sorts occurring on a massive level between the maintainers of the foreign installation and the drive towards freedom. People are beginning to wake up and connect once again to the deep awareness that they are gleaning from silent knowledge. We are all at a time that forces us to look deeply into the abyss in order to determine how to best become free from the paradigmatic structures that have successfully kept us bound to modalities that no longer serve us and ultimately prevent us from living our lives in complete freedom; uncomplicated, joyful and beautiful freedom.

To this end I resolutely believe that even the Castaneda paradigm needs to undergo a thorough shift of attention. The practices and knowledge that are already in place must be maintained in order to preserve the integrity of these ways but the exclusivity in which the knowledge had been obtained, shared and disseminated must become more widely available and expand in a way that allows it to become more inclusive and all-encompassing. And in so doing I believe that we will collectively surpass the immeasurable amounts of knowledge and extraordinary maneuvers that were presented to us through the teachings of Carlos Castaneda.

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