Raising the Spirit of the Divine Feminine

All organized religion is nothing but a very successful maneuver to put women in a lower place. Religions invoke a divine law that says that women are inferior. ~ Florinda Donner, Being in Dreaming

This quote would be more accurate if you replaced the word women with the word femininity. “All organized religion is nothing but a very successful maneuver to put femininity in a lower place. Religions invoke a divine law that says that femininity is inferior.”

Mother Earth is the divine sacred feminine and is wisdom, justice, beauty, and compassion for as long as humanity has walked upon her. She is the irresistible power that destroys old forms and brings new ones into being. She is the healer and nurturer, she is the creative force that resides within both female and male. She is warmth, radiance, and beauty. She is the power that creates life and the force that can take it away. The Divine Feminine is the unseen dimension of ourselves to which we connect to all things within the web of life.

Nearly ten thousand years ago an artificial shift was created to separate humanity from nature and our connection with the divine feminine. With unnatural overtones the shift that was implemented came about through greed and an attempt to amass power and artificial wealth by men who wanted to be in control. In order to further separate our connection to the Goddess, patriarchal religious order was formed out of fear of the feminine and for the need to suppress and control it. A nameless, faceless, formless entity was introduced as an all-powerful and all-knowing god and as a result, rules and laws were put into effect under the name of this god. To disobey these rules is punishable by severe reprimand, exile or death. Mass mind control has become its objective.

This suppression was a foreign installation of grand proportion into the minds of men, something that is so remote and deviant from our true nature. As a result we have nearly completely severed our connection with the Divine Feminine and in so doing have lost ourselves completely to a myth that doesn’t support anyone except those who wish to control. No longer honoring the earthly feminine the majority of people choose, instead, to honor something that they don’t even know exists and operate on something they call blind faith.

The Divine Feminine isn’t for women only; it is a quality, an essence that once resided freely within every man and woman, hence femininity. Today, men who express the qualities of gentleness, warmth, compassion, and nurturing are immediately judged and told to be a man or are called gay. Likewise, fierce women are often told to become more feminine, to control themselves and to be gentler. Such ridiculous standards have created our further disconnection with the Divine Feminine and instead of people just being who they are they are instead constantly being accused of not being what they should be.

Unless this incredibly strong foreign installation is eliminated humanity will be forever doomed as they constantly reassess their reality to ensure that they are in compliance with the rules supporting a male dominated world. It is time for everyone to return to the divine feminine of our earth mother and reconnect to the life force that truly sustains them instead of wasting all of their time by compromising their authenticity on so many levels in an effort to ensure that they gain entry into the kingdom of heaven. That paradigm negates the ability to live life fully on earth while becoming distracted by what you must do to ensure your afterlife.

Those who implemented religious order did so to maintain control of humanity and to ensure that their perceptions of acceptable behaviors were met. Rather than residing within a predominantly nurturing, caring and feminine reality through which we share and live in harmony we instead live within a predominantly harsh, regulated and managed reality complete with war, hostility, and a level of control that is spinning so savagely out of control the death of humanity and possibly the planet and everything upon her is becoming imminent. To break free of this foreign installation means that everyone has to take responsibility. There is no savior that will do it for us and as long as everyone continues to rely on that whimsical notion the earthly realm as we know it is doomed.

To move the fixation of the planet is the only way out from the dramatic state of slavery to which we have been reduced. The course of our civilization has no exit, because we are isolated in a remote location of the cosmos. If we don’t learn how to travel along the avenues of awareness, we will come to such a state of frustration and despair that humanity will end up destroying itself. Our options are the way of the warrior, or extinction.” ~ Carlos Castaneda

The avenues of awareness are knowledge, silent knowledge which can be accessed when one is committed to sitting in silence upon the earth. It is in this state that one can truly see the demise to which we are headed by connecting with the web, the plants, the animals, the water, and the seas. It is in this state that one can feel the pulse of the earth, the heartbeat, and feel the ecstatic love energy that permeates through the earth, through each being upon her. It is here, while grounded upon the earth that the deceit of the predator and the foreign installation and outmoded paradigms can be felt, understood and released back to the earth where that energy will be transformed. It is in this silent connection with the mother that one can return to the authenticity of their fluid, loving, whole and natural life force energy. And when we return to ourselves, we can fully return to each other in a state of grace, fluidity, acceptance and unconditional love.

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