Humility, Impeccability and Freedom

A warrior acknowledges his pain but he doesn’t indulge in it. Thus the mood of a warrior who enters into the unknown is not one of sadness; on the contrary, he’s joyful because he feels humbled by his great fortune, confident that his spirit is impeccable, and above all, fully aware of his efficiency. A warrior’s joyfulness comes from having accepted his fate, and from having truthfully assessed what lies ahead of him. ~ Don Juan, Tales of Power

We learn to free ourselves from old patterns when we recapitulate them with finality. Yeah, that’s what happened last week when I allowed my impeccability to slip and descend into the nightmare of the predator, feeling the pain of that particular reality and then indulging in it. A long-ingrained pattern of reacting to the atrocities that occur with regularity in a dream that doesn’t belong to me. I didn’t create it, I don’t participate in it, I don’t maintain it and I certainly cannot, under any circumstances, feed it by reacting to it. I must treat it as though it doesn’t exist.  As warriors we have no choice but to be impeccable with our energy.

This has been a challenge because what little is left of my rational mind insists that it is a reality that exists. And herein lies the greatest undertaking in aligning with new bands of awareness; bands that are free of patterns. In A Separate Reality Don Juan stated, The world is whatever we perceive, in any manner we may choose to perceive. Perceiving the world entails a process of apprehending whatever presents itself to us. This particular perceiving is done with our senses and with our will. Will is a relation between ourselves and the perceived world. When we look at the world or when we hear it, we have the impression that it is out there and that it is real. When we perceive the world with our will we know that the world is not as “out there” or as “real” as we think.

Someone commented on my last post saying that the band of awareness I spoke of (the predator) does exist and when I look at that nightmare as a band of awareness in which other people are a part through their participation and creation, I come to realize that it isn’t mine and I am free of it. He also said that my responsibility is to help and heal myself. At this I bristled. Heal myself? I consider myself to be healed, in fact, I consider myself to be whole, complete and unwounded. On hindsight I recognize that the continued healing we need to engage in is the healing from the stories and the bombardment of that nightmarish band that is relentlessly and ceaselessly imposed upon us. It is someone else’s bad dream of power and control through violence and utter disrespect for life. Not mine.

Recapitulation is essential, an intense and complete recapitulation of the stories that don’t even belong to us; a recapitulation of the bands that don’t belong to us. A good friend, a warrior woman recently stated, I am so grateful for even small emotional pain these days.  Each revelation allows a penetration of awareness which encompasses the inner hole to reveal emptiness.  If you stay with the emptiness, you discover space.  If you stay with the space, you begin to reclaim your lost Essence. And then, the reclaimed essence (energy) replaces the lie, the historic grief, by pushing it away for good, however forceful, strong and old the vibration of that dream or band may be.

I receive a lot of criticism from my readers. Some of it is constructive criticism and some of it is just plain destructive. The constructive criticism ensures my potential to continue to grow, to become more fluid and to persevere on this amazing path of awareness towards total freedom. The destructive criticism tells me that I’m wrong or that I’m not doing it the way don Juan or Carlos would’ve done it or that I’m a control freak. I am grateful to receive both types of criticism because it is through this feedback that the dream I am dancing awake is completely evolving and free of the nonsense that keeps people bound to a system. Any system.

~Keep dancing!!!

6 thoughts on “Humility, Impeccability and Freedom

  1. Thanks for another expression of power and courage. The conditioning of the predator goes so deep that it can feel like we will never be free but the more power I reclaim the more I see through it to my true nature. It certainly does require the resolve of a warrior this path of freedom. Being willing to die in everyway so as to truly live. I have been aided and inspired by your posts of late sister, thank you and indeed keep dancing….with love colin


  2. I am so struck by the imagery of the immense whale bone on the shore: serene in the dance of the sand, the water, the sky, the clouds, the sea….

    Did the whale beach itself or did the sea? It doesn’t matter.

    “Power is and power moves.”

    “Fluidity” is “Fluidity” My struggle continues to achieve it in all states.

    As I “see” the Whale Bone on the Sea of Cortez, I wonder will I remember myself?


  3. You know, I finally begin to understand why people back then till now considered carlos castaneda a fraud, a charlatan……. now hear me out here 🙂

    I read carlos his materials since around 2001 till now still, on and off, and every time it seems I’m reading a new book/chapter of his work

    the texts and wordings about the stuff of spirit and energies are just out of this world, he almost had to be a poet to get it all down in a way ,as to describe the seen and unseen in one cooperating ocean and still be understandable for people who want to study his material.

    If you read one of his books for the first time, then most people will think “what the hell is he babbling about” ,if you take it all to literal and can’t think out of the box you will never understand what was written down.
    The books are indeed written with tonal energies coming from the nagual, and i think that’s the hardest thing ever done.

    So for most it’s a load of gibberish, with their only reference ,their own little island of the tonal, untill death and even beyond, a shame really. But i guess everything and everyone has it’s time and place……..For me , his works are a masterpiece, it’s pure genius and the best stuff about matter and spirit I ever stumbled upon !!


    • Yes, Carlos wrote for those who were / are ready, and in spite of the prevalent distraction of the time (when he wrote his first books) for folks who took babbled as a result of ingesting drugs for “recreational” purposes.

      In this respect, the content covering the experiences with the plant medicines serve as a distraction, a self-enforcing filter, for those readers (especially in the 1960s and 70s) who wished to endeavor in perception merely as a shallow intellectual exercise.

      For those willing to be patient beyond that form of distraction, readers would find that the exploration of awareness doesn’t need medicine, but the sole intent of creating an expanded view in this journey of life – free of any such aids as medicine or other external distractors so prevalent now, in this age of social media and the ever-present iPad.

      In the simplest form, the tool a warrior needs is intent!



  4. The task of a warrior is complete and
    Absolute detachment. A warrior is
    Merely a humble whiteness , with
    No opinions of any kind about
    Anything, not even his struggles
    Or fate…


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