The residue of consciousness, called the second attention, is brought into action, or is harnessed, through exercises of not-doing . The essential aid to dreaming is a state of mental quietness, called “stopping the internal dialogue,” or the not-doing of talking to oneself. In a woman both the attention and the energy for dreaming originate from the womb. ~ Carlos Castaneda, The Eagle’s Gift

A fellow warrior recently asked a number of questions on the post Choosing Evolution. I cannot succinctly answer all of the questions asked since my perspectives and perceptions lie deeply rooted in the energies that emanate from the womb but I will attempt to provide the evolutionary course that works for me.

A Warrior’s descriptions are conceived from experience and action and not whimsical notions concocted to entertain. Once a warrior acts she is able to share her descriptions of the world in freedom, without imposing her will upon others to travel upon the same lines of awareness.

In the world of sorcery releasing fixations is known as shifting the assemblage point. The actual act cannot be defined as a prescription of sorts. The only thing that will get one to release their fixation of the world that they have been conditioned to live within is personal power and this, I can say with certainty, can be arrived at through recapitulation, breaking the mold of man, erasing personal history or experiencing an event so dramatic that their assemblage points have no choice but to alter their course significantly.

As we amass personal power we are able to stop the world which is related to shifting the fixation of the assemblage point. Stopping the world allows the flow of interpretation to alter significantly from the reality of everyday life due to the fact that our personal power assists us in seeing that which we would not allow ourselves to previously perceive. Once we stop the world we are able to see and as we continue to increase personal power we are able to see even more of that which lies beyond the limited definitions and explanations that exists within the dogmatic structure that has been created and maintained by the social order.

A disciplined and committed warrior will utilize all of the sorcery practices with regularity to ensure that they are allowing themselves the opportunity to see all of the lines of awareness that are available for exploration and evolution.

The path of the warrior is not a hierarchical system with levels and stages. What applies in the beginning phases on this path of evolution applies in all phases of the warrior’s journey and near as I can tell it will continue in each new band of awareness that we enter into. This journey has come to be a very beautiful and circular journey for me as opposed to a linear timeline. Circles within circles.

As an example, I don’t recapitulate the personal anymore, it’s already been done. Living in the moment allows the recapitulation to occur simultaneously as each action occurs. My recapitulative efforts are now focused on releasing the stories of the earth and through this I continue to increase personal power. As I continue to assemble a new band of awareness and visit those that are already assembled it will become imperative for me to recapitulate those bands as well.

Anchors are good for some and useful at certain times. There was a time when I would always be sure to anchor myself to my reality for fear of slipping away into infinity forever. I no longer have that fear and fluidity has shown me that it is possible to manifest myself in whichever realm I so desire.

As to what am I going to BE beyond the illusion? I am not going to BE anything, I am aligned with intent and am allowing that which emerges from intent to guide me, propel me and boost me as I continue my dance towards infinity. A warrior is committed to a state of not-doing since not-doing serves to break perceptual barriers and allows for the warrior to be in a perpetual state of fluidity, grace and ease. It is the act of not-doing that allows us to dream and in dreaming we are able to channel intent and to recognize from within this state that there is only energy and power. Power is and power moves.

Keep Dancing!

16 thoughts on “Not-Doing

    • One of my favorite images, this is the flower of life and is known as the source of all that exists. Each segment contains another aspect of reality. Circles within circles…keep dancing!


  1. Good answers! There are certainly patterns discernible in energy. While they may not be circles every time, they do somewhat repeat.

    Within the essence of awareness, there is no being. As one absorbs the nature of the nahual, following numerous probes therein, a saturation point is reached. There are ways to stay submerged within Intent. It is imperative to stalk ‘waking lucidity’. I spent many years going with the flow a good deal of my consensually based time before I realized that it is also a dream that I had to awaken from. Until that saturation point was reached, I was a part time warrior. Lots of spying on myself to get there. Inventorying my consensual time. Stalking and probing the self importance that caused deviations from impeccability. I found the consensual self to be a collection of segments. Having released some segments to power, it seemed that I was free! Not so. Each segment had to be stalked, exposed, released, and replaced with the Intent of the nahual.

    It was not until I was able to express “absolute detachment”, “carefree generosity”, and “endless unaffected patience” that I could remain emerged within Intent. For me, those are some things to be.

    probing as usual,


  2. Synchronicity Indeed. You have addressed a topic I have wanted to consult you about: recapitulating the impersonal. Specificly about reliving movements of the assemblage point. Are these movemnts the same as retracing movements, as in remembering the other self? Should we relive journeys to other worlds or events such as being taken by the Eagle and then spit out somewhere other than where we began? The Messenger.


  3. Was able to begin the process of dreaming many years back but lost the thread. Now I cant pick it up anymore hard as i try. any suggestions?


    • This is actually a doing; removing Carlos. And, it’s been done. Warriors walking and dancing in freedom should not follow anyone except their chosen path of heart, whatever that path may be! Thanks!


  4. warriors that have reached the third attention have seen that this is a new time for humans on earth. the new fields being created have to cross the known(tonal) the results of any new alignments wont be seen for a few years.were all required to live in this time without all our wierd ways, this is because all warriors of the third attention have the task of creating the ceiling for the rest of the bubbles(beings) in the human field.its a command to upgrade a collective of concious beings. but all to soon the collective will be done trying to reach the top of the chain that some warriors have been holding though impeccability to an impersonal force, simply because the whole don’t have the alignments to complete the task of going into the future which hasn’t happened yet, the warriors of the third attention will have a little less resistance, but less free awareness to set events at the present time


  5. this is a new section of the downward spiral that last 104000 years the intent for that period is being weaved in to threads from the last 104000 which just ended in 1998 and the few years after that to 2004 were the reflection in a paradigm that resembles intent or a hourglass shape that began in 1998 to 2012 this time period we experience as time period 1 to 12, period 2 to 11, period 3 to 10 ect. this allowed shifting to occur and linear time to ceased alot of beings don’t have the totality of themselves,they cant always be in the intent body and have appointments with knowledge that still need to understood.


  6. the next 104000 yrs is a new circle that has just begun it would be irrefutable to complete such a major tun at the present. small wheels in this circle may be perceived,but these are all works in progress and the awareness we harness with direct knowledge can be access by other seers to inkindle the awareness needed to create the new possibility that the new seer were interested in, and the task of the modern seers, to create those new dreaming positions that may be utilized by the next seers since they will need practices and views of the unknown and to stay connected to lineage of origin.not in a concrete way but through bodily knowledge and truth. mostly the truth to the warrior of intelligence.


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