warrior seers

Courtesy of Don Voss – RavenCircle Creations

Being a Warrior Seer is a philosophy, a way of life that allows us to remember our authentic self. This philosophy recognizes that the perception of the dominant paradigm is limiting and fails to integrate the abstract. In recognizing that we are part of a complex energy system we come to know that all of life is an extension of universal life force energy, or more simply, Source.

Warrior Seers do not bear arms; they arm themselves with awareness and constantly challenge themselves to evolve beyond the realm of ordinary human awareness and the limitations presented by the man-made matrix. The man-made matrix is a monotonous existence; an obsolete pattern that continues to endure through imposition. This repetitious and tedious pattern has been maintained for many centuries and causes separation from Source energy and the disregard for what it really means to live in balance and unity.

The following are some of the many qualities common to Warrior Seers:


Warrior Seers strive for expansion. They know that total awareness is achieved through the displacement of the position of the assemblage point, over and over again. When the assemblage point becomes fluid, the Warrior Seer lives in a state of seeing or pure perception and the assemblage point no longer becomes fixated on any pattern, person, thought, or belief. As perceivers they come to know that they are awareness itself.


Warrior Seers set the intention to be their own person; a person of creativity who lives within constant acts of creation and co-creation and rides the ebb and flow of life, of eternity. They recognize that our ability to realize our unlimited potential is an evolutionary act and are conscious of the natural rhythm and flow of the universe.


Warrior Seers exhibit high levels of fortitude which comes from a mind that is grounded in strength and courage. This allows them to face danger, fear, and anguish with determination, stamina, perseverance, patience, and ultimately the resolution required to attain liberation from the conflict and lies imposed by the man-made matrix. It is with fortitude that the Warrior Seer remains fearless and immovable in their commitment.


As Warrior Seers align with Source energy they come to understand what it means to experience the oneness in the Universe. Gratitude permeates the heart and soul of one’s being, while simultaneously bursting forth, an immense emanation of gratitude back into the universe. Touching the very fabric of existence, it is the vibrational frequencies between them and the Eternal that facilitates such a harmonic moment.


Warrior Seers are observers. They watch everything and recognize it for what it is. They know that they are constantly surrounded by a beautiful mystery that reveals information, knowledge, and awareness at the moment that it becomes necessary. A Warrior Seer is in the flow of Source energy and trusts that they will always have what they need.


A Warrior Seer is dedicated to energy practices that allow them to become free from illusions and deceptions perpetuated and upheld by the man-made matrix. The commitment to practice allows them to amass the energy that is necessary for them to enter into seeing. They are diligent in their practice because they recognize the ability that they have for returning to the abstract in a state of total awareness. A Warrior Seer looks forward, not back.


Warrior Seers liberate themselves from self-importance by not taking anything personally. They adhere to the warrior’s way of humility and fluidity without self-indulgence. They recognize that their own reflection serves as a distraction and by shattering the mirror of self-reflection they can attain total freedom. They understand that resilience is essential as it allows for their energy body to remain in a state of impeccability and well-being.

Suffice it to say that there are other traits not mentioned here and I invite you to add them to the comments.

When we live our lives in alignment with the center of consciousness within ourselves, we come to know that our connection with every living thing is an extension of the great energetic flow of awareness that serves as the most transformative force in the universe. This force is the universal life force vibration, the Source, the pure primal and original energy that resides within us and simultaneously all around us; in everyone, and everything that we know.

The path of the Warrior Seer is available to anyone who is ready and willing to align with Earth and Source energy in order to expand their awareness. With emphasis placed on pure energy as being the driving force behind all things you come to find yourself in an indescribable flow of Source energy enabling you to find your true life force essence and connection to the all that is within this great web of awareness.

Keep dancing!

9 thoughts on “warrior seers

  1. Great post and concept! I like to to tap into all of the possible archetypes. A warrior needs to be as wise as he needs to be resillient. I would add that to the list aswell. Thanks for sage-like wisdom. 😀


  2. That universal life source is soooo filled with love and connection with every single atom on this planet. I am humbled by it and so filled with gratitude at times. This list offers ways that we can connect with that which exists at the foundation. Dancing along with ya…


  3. Awareness causes perfect gratitude. A simile. How often does one walk into a room, regarding one or two objects that catch the eye or worse catches the ego (i.e., How can this object serve me?). Regard the totality with equal distinction only then will energy flow. I’m so new at this. Thank you for the inspirational words and clear thoughts.


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