forge into the unknown

Don’t blindly follow a path. Forge into the unknown gathering knowledge and awareness along the way. Immerse yourself into the depths of all things so that you may come to know the world through your own passion and not through the vision of another. ~ Alejandro, Becoming Awareness

We are beings who are fully capable of liberating ourselves from the repetitive patterns of humanity. By connecting with silent knowledge and aligning with universal life force energy we have access to unlimited potential for creating ourselves and our reality. How we choose to create it is entirely up to us.

When we embody someone else’s vision we become energetically drained. It takes work to invigorate and strengthen old patterns in order to keep them activated. When we release those visions and recapitulate those patterns, we become aligned with Source energy which nourishes and energizes us; we are no longer defined by the static images of someone else’s experience or by patterns that were established centuries ago. Our soul or double recognizes the opportunity we are giving to ourselves for living this life in wonder and creativity and balance is restored, both personal and universal.

Those of us who dare to escape from the karmic cycle of repeating patterns must prepare to dance within a vision that inspires universal creativity. The unique creations that we bring forth, from silent knowledge into the world, are the seeds that inspire and motivate others to pursue their own passions as a viable and creative way to assemble their dream and the dream of the planet. As we each mirror to others the potential that lies within them, they too begin to connect with the regenerative forces that restores their innate passion for living in the totality of their true life force essence.

Without becoming attached to anyone’s creations including our own, we are able to continually venture into the unknown to encounter and then share our beautiful inspirations with others while acknowledging the auspiciousness of the universe with wonder and gratitude. No new patterns are formed as the world becomes a constant expression of creation and co-creation. This is a synergistic way of existence, a natural way of being; continuously and creatively weaving together through all of eternity while acknowledging the ephemeral state of form.

Supported by the unfathomable sea of awareness, we come to recognize ourselves as expressions of universal oneness, as a mere cell in the terrestrial body of the one whose consciousness is awakening within us.

Creators are warriors who are bold enough to risk everything in order to create their reality instead of just embodying someone else’s.


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