Switching Gears

I now understand why it is so difficult to be able to trust in the flow of life because in order to do so, we must make a conscious choice to not allow our minds to control our every moment, our every thought. When we take a stand to be in our power, we come to recognize that our power isn’t really ours, per se, but belongs to the flow of the universe that is guiding us, providing for us, and orchestrating our life’s events with or without our approval or consent. ~ Lorraine Voss, Becoming Awareness

So what to write now? Writing a book of non-fiction is as big of a distraction as any, one that anchors the writer into patterns and stories that have, in the case of my book, already been recapitulated. While writing this book I had to recount decades of experiences and information. There was no other choice than to reconnect to the energy of all those stories. In such an arduous undertaking, there was little time for being present for dancing along new lines of awareness.

Becoming Awareness is a journey through the tonal, or the first attention of awareness, and was written to expose the patterns I discovered that exist as the man-made matrix. Many of the patterns that I have encountered over the years define for us what it means to be human within a limited scope of being, one that pressures us to live our lives in alignment to the vision of others. Our innate motivation, however, is to be creative beings who strive to be much more than the conceptual configurations – the mold of man – that has been mandated for centuries by those who sit in positions of power.

Fortunately, that is beginning to change and the state of being human is evolving. Through recapitulation and release we are transcending the patterns and concepts and aligning with the power of the universe. As individuals and through collaborative efforts we are becoming free from the energy of restrictive and repetitive paradigms. It is time to dance with gratitude upon the earth, allowing the earth’s power to shift us into second attention so we are able to explore abstract realms of pure energy.

Since the publication of my book I have found myself at a loss as to what to write about. I have recapitulated the writing/publishing process and have been sitting in silence and I still don’t know what to say. What once was is in the past, was lies ahead isn’t yet here. So I sit silently, in the now, waiting; knowing that I have no choice but to allow the energy of the words, that I will eventually express, to emerge gently and of their own accord.

The quote at the top of this page was emailed to me this morning by someone reading my book who said that the paragraph filled her with waves of energy. There is nothing to do except trust that the flow of the universe is, indeed, guiding us.

Keep dancing!







4 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. The temptation to repeat a once needed process that has been carried to a conclusion that we find gratifying and energizing is one of the foibles of success. I find that one way to gain access to the enthusiasm and wonder that characterize the creative life, is to move in an entirely new direction. Set down the accomplishment, abandon a fulfilled process, and set out to embrace the development of other so far latent talents. The universe seems to bring affirmation and synchronicity into my life when I undertake an endeavor that is new to me.


  2. Love that passage, so powerful. I am thinking about how the energies shift and how exciting it can be to be creating so beautifully and then…nothing. Even during the course of a day I can see this happen. There can be dozens of things to do, the energy all moving and going, and then suddenly it turns silent. And it can be disconcerting to just sit and wait until the flow starts again. Trusting, as you say, that the Universe is guiding us. So very happy to be reading your book!


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