Losing Form

…a profound recapitulation is the most expedient means to lose the human form. Thus it is easier for stalkers, after recapitulating their lives, to make use of all the not-doings of the self, such as erasing personal history, losing self-importance, breaking routines and so forth. ~ Carlos Castaneda, The Eagle’s Gift

The Nagual told me that when the second attention has to be called upon to assemble itself, all that is needed is the motion of opening that door. That’s the secret of the Toltec dreamers once they are formless. ~ Carlos Castaneda, The Second Ring of Power

Throughout his books, Castaneda discusses sweeping the island of the tonal or liberating oneself from the mundane details of first attention. This basically has to do with recognizing the mold of man for what it is and freeing ourselves from the mold. Doing so allows us to view the world from a new state of perception; choosing to go beyond states of conscious awareness of the first attention and entering into the realm of dream, second attention, or the unconscious. When we connect with second attention we are able to bring ourselves into a state of natural balance. When we integrate the first and second attentions, the second attention accesses new energetic frequencies, and the first attention then organizes the new information. This integration provides heightened awareness and acute perception.

During integration, or merging with the double, we become aware that we are an integral and equal part with everything that lives upon the earth, with everything that moves throughout the entire universe. This new state of being, or formless form, is the result of losing judgement, expectation, and the sense of striving to become something. We arrive to a state of wonder. Self-importance is gone; the integrated person knows that they know nothing. The mirror of self-reflection is shattered because there is no longer anything to reflect upon. Feelings of separation cease to exist and are replaced by overwhelming unity with eternity. We are not only present, we become presence itself. We function from a state of pure seeing.

The process of integration depends upon the fluidity of the assemblage point and how one perceives the world. Those who operate from the essence of their authentic being move with fluidity, observing the world as it unfolds around them. Those who continue to function from a fixated position of their assemblage point repeatedly attempt to rationalize the world around them. For them, resistance comes from continuing to identify, often subconsciously, with the mold of man.

Unifying first and second attention only occurs when one loses human form, it cannot happen any other way. For some people, this unification may occur briefly and/or gradually. High fever, near death experience, sweat lodge, fasting such as in a vision quest, plant medicines, tantra or deep meditation, etc., contribute to the loss of form. All of these things cause our assemblage point or vibrational frequency to shift and places us into states of raw perception and heightened awareness.

Unification can also occur instantaneously, a process which some refer to as total freedom, oneness, enlightenment, transcendence, oneness, etc. The two attentions merge when one becomes impeccable with their energy and aligns with the intent, or Source energy, as it flows through the universe.

While in second attention, the mold of man can be witnessed fully. Seeing the mold of man is the very reason that a warrior endeavors to remember the authentic self or the double. The double provides us with the ability to align with higher energetic frequencies so we may remember our true nature as well as the sense of unity that brings the awareness that we are eternal beings. When we arrive at this state of re-membering, we arrive to a state of total freedom from the madness of the mold of man.

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