The Power of Silence

You must reach the point where you understand what intent is. And, above all, you must understand that that knowledge cannot be turned into words. That knowledge is there for everyone. It is there to be felt, to be used, but not to be explained. One can come into it by changing levels of awareness, therefore, heightened awareness is an entrance. But even the entrance cannot be explained. One can only make use of it. ~  Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence

This quote, from the book The Power of Silence is one of my favorite quotes. So many people hunger for the words, as if by hearing them they could have the ultimate experience or make sense of why such and such is so and so. My journey has provided me with the ability to discern that which can be talked about and that which cannot. And as each day passes it gets more and more difficult to discuss anything.

While the words for the practices or the description of the tools used for honing awareness can still somewhat flow, this is becoming more and more difficult. The disciplined practice of the warrior ultimately provides the entrance and as Carlos states, …even the entrance cannot be explained. Everyone must create and approach the entrance in the manner through which their experiences lead them. Individual experiences are nearly impossible to describe and as Carlos maintained, silent knowledge is there to be felt, to be used, but not to be explained. The meager attempt at explaining silent knowledge may potentially trap someone’s attention thereby reducing their own freedom in attaining heightened awareness through their own technique because they will most likely attempt to do it the way you described for them. Your words may distract them from seeing the way that would work best for them and prevent them from discovering their unique way.

About a year ago, an acquaintance of mine challenged people on “enlightenment”. She said that after years of seeking it she no longer wanted to be enlightened. This, in itself, tells of her connection to silent knowledge. There comes a point when rather than seeking enlightenment you simply recognize that you are it and it is you and there is no longer anything to be sought after. Once you have reached this point, the only thing left is the natural progression of deepening into it. The quest for enlightenment or heightened awareness, therefore, transforms into being efficient at simply being fully in each moment.

If you can align with intent,  you will be in the moment without the distractions of the past or the future then you begin to truly see and perceive things in a most incredible and new way. It is at this moment that you are completely aligned with intent and the silent knowledge that allows you to know that you already know.

Words are tremendously powerful and important and are the magical property of whoever has them. Sorcerers have a rule of thumb: they say that the deeper the assemblage point moves, the greater the feeling that one has knowledge and no words to explain it. Impeccability with your words is the proper use of energy. This is two-fold, not only to ensure that you are not wasting your energy through insignificant or hollow dialoguing but to also make certain that you are not pinning anyone down with your thoughts. The latter requires an immense effort towards being present and mindful. Too often, especially when people believe they are truly “helping” someone, they are instead hindering them by providing them with their own agenda or techniques that worked for them, rather than encouraging them to connect to the silence for it is here that all answers truly come.

Sorcerers believe that when man became aware that he knew, and wanted to be conscious of what he knew, he lost sight of what he knew. This silent knowledge, which you cannot describe, is, of course, intent –the spirit, the abstract. Man’s error was to want to know it directly, the way he knew everyday life. Man gave up silent knowledge for the world of reason. The more he clings to the world of reason, the more ephemeral intent becomes. ~ Don Juan

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