Inorganic Beings – A Lesson Learned

The Nagual said that it (the pyramid) was a guide to the second attention, Pablito went on, but that it was ransacked and everything destroyed. He told me that some of the pyramids were gigantic ‘not-doings’. They were not lodgings but places for warriors to do their ‘dreaming’ and exercise their second attention. Whatever they did was recorded in drawings and figures that were put on the walls. He stressed to me that all archaeological ruins in Mexico, especially the pyramids, were harmful to modern man. He depicted the pyramids as foreign expressions of thought and action. He said that every item, every design in them, was a calculated effort to record aspects of attention which were thoroughly alien to us. For don Juan it was not only ruins of past cultures that held a dangerous element in them; anything which was the object of an obsessive concern had a harmful potential. ~ The Eagle’s Gift

Since writing my post on 2012 – The Dream and Organic Beings I found myself becoming somewhat obsessed to find out more. In addition, spoken words were starting to leave my lips in my expressions to have a few others understand what I saw. I am not an obsessive person and the behavior was puzzling to me. I spent hours googling information, attempting to determine or understand what I was perceiving since my awakening as the result of my visit to the pyramids.

Last night I watched the movie Sophia Returning: The Path to Planetary Tantra by John Lash and as quickly as my second attention had assembled and made sense of the portals that opened for me in Mexico, Lash’s awareness and insight quickly allowed me to realize that I wanted to shut them down. Lash’s words and energy were, at first, disturbing to me seemingly without cause but as he continued to speak about the Archons, I quickly realized that he was talking about inorganic beings and the foreign installation. And the power of the inorganic beings was so strong at work to have me dislike Lash on sight and to find what he was saying as nonsense!

OF COURSE! First thing this morning I opened The Eagle’s Gift to find information on the pyramids and realized that instead of heeding don Juan’s warning, I boldly went to the pyramids, inside them and spoke my intent out loud and unwittingly made a freaking power deal with inorganic beings!

They’re good, those inorganic beings and they do come through. A power deal is a power deal and they give you exactly what you ask for. For a price. My integrity became compromised as they pulled on the very thing that I have not been willing to give which is buying into prophecy or another’s vision. From my 2012 post I said:

“Predominantly an iconoclast and skeptic who needs to look with full awareness at all sides of a coin before making any judgments, suffice it to say that after receiving the dreams, visions and then doing the research it seems quite certain that there are many possibilities that may present themselves with the coming of 2012. 2012 or acceptance of any prophecy has always been challenging to me because it could cause me to lose my energy to someone else’s vision and further strengthen their vision because of the energy I may give it by accepting it. Likewise, for me to even state my own, whether it is vision, awareness or dreams may serve to trap someone else’s attention and of this I am always careful.”

Don Juan says, “the predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind.” Through their mind, my perception became clear, no longer simply interpretation meaning that everything I had previously known about aliens through other people’s accounts and stories became captivatingly real and through validating their story they were gaining energy by feeding off of my energy. And this is why I have always been extremely careful and wary of buying into other people’s stories because it only goes to serve it and make it bigger. If everyone buys into the inorganic being/alien story with the ferocity through which I was prone to, we will surely manifest them here on earth.

Suffice it to say that the deal is over and it feels as though my end of the deal provided me with a gift more valuable than what they have gotten. Yes, I fueled their story, bought into it, talked about it and even wrote about it though now, the cord is severed. From past experiences I’ve had with inorganic beings I know that they will work really hard to keep me entrapped in their attention for a while but as luck would have it, as though knowing, I purchased airline tickets several days ago to travel to Sonora, Mexico which has been, to me, a power place of balance, peace and awareness for almost 30 years and it is here that anything left from them will be released to the desert and the sea. Viva freedom!

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