Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that the description we have received (of living in the world)  is a valuable possession, similar to the rigid stake that is tied to a tender sapling to strengthen and guide it. It allows us to grow up as normal people, within a society that is molded to that rigidity. To achieve it, we had to learn how to ‘skim’ – that is, how to make selective readings from the enormous volume of data that arrives to our senses. But once those readings are converted into ‘reality’, the rigidity of our attention works as an anchor, because it prevents us from becoming aware of our incredible possibilities. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

I’ve been thinking lately about artificial intelligence and how our species is rapidly evolving into the arena of exactly that. Most people are “skimmers”, merely touching the surface of a subject in order to accumulate meaning and knowledge. Yes, as you know this is nothing more than self-importance, nothing more than accumulating knowledge to claim to know things without really knowing anything.

Someone recently said to me, I don’t know what is true. There are so many concepts out there and so many people substantiating these concepts. How do you know what to believe?

Yes, how could you possibly know? Well, you can’t know anything unless you boldly walk straight into awareness itself and then extrapolate the knowledge of what is true from within your own sphere of experience. Take for instance the young child approaching a hot stove burner. The mother yells, “don’t touch that, it’s hot and you’ll get burned” but the child will not know this to be true until he actually does indeed get burned. On the other side of the coin I’ve seen people handle fire without ever getting burned.

The scope of pure awareness, experiential knowledge and personal truth is nearing extinction.  Too few people are willing to explore and exist outside of the animatronic state of being to which they have been reduced. Functioning solely in the illusory world of how things should be as opposed to how things are is spinning our species into a methodical and predictable state of perpetual fairytale. Ironically, animatronics was developed by Walt Disney in the early 1960’s.

So, what is true? The path which transforms an ordinary human being into a warrior is very arduous. No one can tell you what is true, the only thing a warrior can do is continue the practice of recapitulation, accumulate personal power, loosen the assemblage point, and open to perceiving directly.

As the earth becomes more and more overpopulated and the realm of experiential knowledge continues to diminish, if we don’t dance along the lines of awareness we don’t have to worry about robotic artificial intelligence being built, we are doomed to become it.

~ Keep Dancing!

3 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence

  1. The picture in our minds of the world outside of us is artificial. When we rely on that picture over our direct experience then we construct a world based on assumptions that are internally motivated, by direct awareness or by unconscious dirivatives. There is a great saying that reality is perceiption, manipulate the perception and you manipulate reality… I experience that 90% of reality is perceiption and 10% is when we bump into reality which does not align with the internal motivations. As a warrior erasing the line between the internal and external is a practice of direct perception of things as they are and awareness of the patterns (skiming) that we do with our minds… When this collapses into the one with no separation, internal or external, there is a great silence… for me this silence is intent. Thanks for stimulating the conversation again….


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