Vanquishing the Self

In order to be a dreamer I had to vanquish the self. Nothing, but nothing, is as hard as that. The sorcerers understand freedom as the capacity to do the impossible, the unexpected – to dream a dream that has no basis, no reality in everyday life. The knowledge of sorcerers is what is exciting and new. Imagination is what a woman needs to change the self and become a dreamer. ~ Florinda Donner, Being-in-Dreaming

At some point on the path of the committed warrior it becomes necessary to deepen by shifting the assemblage point as thoroughly as possible to align with the unfathomable sea of awareness. This is more than a decision to change a routine, recapitulate a thing or break a pattern. It is a commitment to align with intent as much as possible and jump into the abyss, feet first, without looking back. In order to jump it is necessary to prepare by pooling all accessible energy and engage in the act of not-doing as much as possible.

The warrior strives to become capable of what don Juan refers to as stupendous maneuvers of perception, and in preparing for this it is necessary to vanquish the self and gain deeper access to dreaming. In order to begin to explore from a new point of perception everything has to change. The hardest decision for me was letting go of the blog and recapitulating all of it because the lines within the internet began to overwhelm me and it felt as though the lines of information I was putting forth were gathering up other lines and coming right back through the screen, through my fingertips and into me. This subtle and nearly imperceptible occurrence was beginning to fixate my assemblage point and it was time to unplug and focus on fluidity.

Erasing personal history and recapitulating at this level works to significantly stop the internal dialogue which ultimately reinforces and strengthens ones relationship with energy. This allows the warrior to dramatically expand their borders of perception. When perception increases and new levels of awareness are experienced, a warrior can only move forward with extreme impeccability and utter sobriety.

As we begin to dance along the lines of awareness in a new way, it is my intention to express as best I can but words are becoming inadequate and I find myself drawn to express through my own photographs and artwork. Carlos emphasizes and I agree; the important thing is to verify it for yourselves, because that will put you beyond the mind, it will fill you with silent knowledge. The mere act of seeing it has an impact which moves the fixation of the assemblage point.

When Carlos explained that the energy distributed through the universe is in layers he said that all conscious beings belong to one of those layers and we can tune in to energy of other bands thanks to a phenomenon known as the ‘alignment of perception.’ I have come to know that when enough of us share a similar alignment of perception we are capable of creating our own band of awareness and it is to this endeavor that I am committed as I continue my journey to dance past the eagle to be free.

I have immense gratitude for all the warrior travelers and worthy opponents and hope to mutually share our increasing awareness as we evolve further beyond the patterns of the social order and into this new band of awareness. It is within a new band of awareness that we can bear witness to a new dream emerging. Creating and evolving and dreaming and dancing. Always dancing.

~Keep Dancing!

Intent is the tuning of our attention to cosmic awareness, which transforms our volition into commands of the Eagle. We must be daring to attempt it deliberately, but, once there, everything becomes possible. Intent allows sorcerers to live in a non-ordinary world, and to intend a destiny of freedom. For them, freedom is a fact, not just a Utopia. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

14 thoughts on “Vanquishing the Self

  1. Another friend, whose energy seems very similar to yours, said the same thing yesterday. I have not felt this in quite the same way, but will continue pondering both of your perceptions. Immense gratitude also for all the other warrior-travelers. Well put.


    • Alignment of perception happens when we move the fixation of the assemblage point and operate from a state of utter fluidity. It is within this fluidity, without fixating on anything, that we perceive energy directly and see. The challenge then lies in not fixating your assemblage point on what you perceive.

      This can be done individually and with a group. Glad you like the photos, I’m having loads of fun digitally merging and manipulating them for all kinds of cool effects!


    • I agree. Cayce and Steiner both said the “self” or the ego is what says “I” will do it, “I” will connect…Jung said the “collective unconscious” is the devil…


    • Cayce also said “the self is the downfall of mankind”..meaning only serving the more basic lower nature or lower chakra desires(animal, aggressive, violent and neurotic) is what creates the negative karma and keeps humankind a slave to the mundane cycle of repetitive non-serving modalities of behavior, thought and action..


    • Hi Richard, Through our social conditioning I believe that a ‘self’ is created and cultivated from birth and then maintains the illusion of separateness. A warrior’s task is to vanquish the self through erasing personal history and recapitulation. What they accomplish is the elimination of the foreign installation that led them to believe they actually were a ‘self’ in the first place.


  2. Your presentations are becoming more and more Peloponnesian…Totally Excellent…As a Peloponnesian Sperm Whale, I am invigorated and motivated by this post…Muchos Amor and Besos…In the words of you know who..”Love’s in Need of Love Today”…Gracias Amiga:)..Perhaps we should dine at Nelore’ for dinner eh?…Best salad bar in world history!


  3. In every locale (band, world, layer) where we have perception there is a condition of agreement. Just as our fibers of intent, action, and belief anchor this consensual agreement, …. so it is in all worlds.

    It is true that new agreements can be formed. These are known as ‘dream domains’. I have participated in this process in the past and it is important to know that the intentions and subsequent actions necessary to establish a cohesive reality are not enacted in this domain, but in the new domain.

    Depending on the range of your proposed band, there are frequency-specific limitations. For example, in a high band that is nearly at the summit of duality…. on the edge of the Nahual, entities might reside in a ‘sea of fibers’. Every Intent or act is a bursting forth from the sea to complete the effort. Then participants melt back into that fibrous sea until the next Intent. There might be families and associations, but the connection to that ocean of filaments is never lost or in question.

    In lesser ranges there will be more separation and opposition. Choose wisely.



    • Hi Jaggg, Yes! When participants melt back into that fibrous sea until the next Intent, multiple things can occur depending on the ‘predilection’ of the warrior. For instance, when one is aligned with perception (or intent) they may ’emerge’ as intent commands with utter fluidity in that flow of awareness or, they may connect with intent through ‘will’ and direct their actions. This allows the warrior-traveler to be both observer and creator. ~ Thanks for dancing! 🙂


  4. My dear freinds,The North of Utah was the northern extent of the toltec world. The Fremont culture was Toltec and the iconography of their rock art depicts the activities of warriors prior to 1300 AD- Sites of death defiers and other activities including Eagle sorccerors and animal transformations (the tone of the old seers) are found throughout the region- The Anazazi were also influenced but it is a little different. The Messenger


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