Presence After Recapitulation

As pure conscious awareness I could perceive and observe everything on the earth that I had recapitulated. There, before me, was a beautiful and diverse array of creation. The world, I realized, will go on with or without me. The patterns and man-made stories of the world will continue, only as long as there are people who are willing to uphold them. ~ Becoming Awareness

A couple of my long-time blog fans have asked me where my “fight” went. They seem to be puzzled, almost offended, at my lack of activism or radical engagement in fending off the predator, or the government, or the inorganic beings that feed off of humanity. It’s not that my get-up-and-go-got-up-and-went, there is just nothing to struggle against. The position of the assemblage point cannot remain fixated or we will not evolve. It boils down to unplugging, a surrender that comes not from weakness, but from strength, the strength that allows the seer to see power as it moves through the universe while bearing witness to what people choose to do with that power.

Once the patterns and stories of the world are recapitulated, the seer finds herself in a state of not-doing. She discovers that there is nothing to do. Sure, daily tasks, work, tending the garden, running errands, getting hair-cuts, all continue as before, however, without the patterns of humanity creating the bombardment of distractions that had once seemed so “in-your-face,” we arrive at a state of peace, no longer concerned with making sense of the world but rather, accepting it as the illusion that it is.

We find ourselves, instead, in a state of presence. With fluidity and poise, the warrior moves through the world as an expression of what it means to be impeccable with their energy. As don Juan said in the Fire from Within, A nagual comes and goes without leaving a trace. When the warrior is empty, the nagual fills them. It moves through them and all around them, and they become the abstract through their emptiness and resonant vibration.

In recapitulating the stories of the world, of the man-made matrix, we come to recognize that we no longer function from a point of separate individuality and instead realize that we are an integral part of the infinite expression of the universe. We discover that there is nothing to do except witness everything as it unfolds, which is also part of the infinite expression affirming itself. When unity is remembered, the sense of separation dissipates and merges, once again, into oneness. This is total freedom.

We are all a part of the infinite expression of the universe, or the light, as some like to call it. This is power that flows through the universe as Source energy. It is simple and profound, it is ordinary and exquisite, it is creative and beautiful. It is presence.

In a state of presence or not-doing, judgement is abandoned. Striving is abandoned. Fulfilling a so-called purpose is abandoned. In fact, a million things are abandoned. The seer no longer perceives separation, only unity, with the knowledge that everything originates from silence. They recognize that there is nowhere to go and nothing to do except observe, create, and dance buoyantly within the beauty, as well as the chaos, that consistently unfolds throughout life.

When the warrior-seer is no longer enmeshed in the patterns of the world, they realize that these stories will continue to weave their way through humanity as long as there are those who allow those illusory concepts to repeat themselves. Those who continue to uphold the illusion do so in their attempts to reinforce their sense of personal identity, continually striving to accomplish small or great feats. The game continues as long as they perceive themselves as separate entities, and not as part of the infinite expression of Source energy. Anything that exists outside of the infinite expression of the universe is an illusion.

In his last battle on earth a warrior lets his spirit flow free and clear. And as he wages his battle, knowing that his will is impeccable, a warrior laughs and laughs. ~ Don Juan, A Separate Reality

Keep dancing!


10 thoughts on “Presence After Recapitulation

  1. Is the energy of everything changing or is it just me? Since I had the realisation that my life is nothing but a facility to develop my soul, so much of the noise has dropped away. I no longer care if others like me or not, I’m not obsessed with my career, or proving anything, or worried about wealth and riches…and I’m so much happier, and a great deal more peaceful. All I want now is to do my best and be the best father and husband I can be. Looking back, my life was so filled with drama, but this morning driving the kids to school I was just present to the beauty in the sky, the majesty of the light, and noticing these things, instead of being caught up in my internal dialogue and it’s associated goals/drama, I felt the oneness, and how one day I’ll leave this world, but there was no sense of sadness, just awe.


  2. Don Juan remarked that one day he found there was no battle at all.

    These things only exist in the segregating mind. That’s what Don Juan learned, that beyond reason we can understand our thoughts are choices and we need not repeat those that keep us suffering, but we can enjoy our freedom in creativity of every thought.

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  3. A choice is activated in the realization that all beings are nodes of observation of the doings of the source of being. All we need to do is abandon our dualistic conceptions of the flow. Concepts just get in the way of experience, awe, involvement with the expression of what is, is not. Hard to put into words, because words are rooted in conceptual thinking, and being is not part of that pathway. You have done well to lend your voice to an indication of this relation between the self and the Self. Creation has no preference beyond unfolding existence as it is. Human doing, human thinking, human manipulation of things is not based in that creationing. Thus, when consciousness arises, when awareness tunes in to the Creative, we lose the human form, and enter into that vastness. Thank you for dancing in the light, and for sharing your dance, sister.


    • And thank you to you, for bearing witness to my process as it continues to evolve and unfold and for bringing clarity through your own depth and connection to the source of all things; for dancing along all of the lines of awareness.


  4. this is so wonderful, so dancy 😉 xx its the first time ive seen this process described, of the relinquishment of the individual self and the peace and love and laughter that lays on the other side of perception of separation/perception/selves, other than from only two ‘a course in miracles’ teachers. i have only for a couple of weeks been experiencing the dropping away of doing in the world (hmm, or rather.. the awareness of how i am attempting to keep the self real via doing in the world) and the awareness that freedom and peace and joy and truth lay in returning instead to my seemingly individual mind and well.. recapitulating is i think the description for process that youd use? recognition of projection, forgiveness, gentle love. or more accurately recalling that where the self is practicing forgiveness, one mind is recognising that nothing has ever truly happened, oneness remains undisturbed, nothing has ever been done that needs forgiving, except seemingly-inside-the-dream-of-not-truth. i just turned 40, and feel like im being showered with gifts such as reading this blog this morning.. and i just felt like saying thank you from me-you to me-you! 😉 🙂 😉


    • Thank you for your beautiful insights. I love that you use the term “dancy”! 🙂 Happy birthday/rebirth day. Enjoy the presence of each new day as it unfolds. Delight in its beauty and its awesomeness of which you are a part! Keep dancing!


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