In the World and Not of It

Mine’s a tale that can’t be told, My freedom I hold dear, How years ago in days of old, When magic filled the air.  – Led Zeppelin

The magic that Robert Plant sings about in Ramble On still exists and we don’t have to look too hard for it. We don’t need magic wands, crystal balls, or wizardry to enter into and exist within a magical reality. As creator beings we can choose to be immersed in it since magic is the energy that effervesces around us all the time.

We are all at a strange time in our lifetime; a time that is challenging those of us to do whatever it takes to ensure that we stay our path; whatever that path may be. While those who believe they have the power over everyone to attempt to put us all into a melting pot of sameness and compliance, it is our expansive, multi-faceted diversity that will allow us to simultaneously protect the freedoms that we each strive to attain, maintain, and sustain.

There is no truth, there is only perception! When we recognize that the drama and stories of the world are an illusion, we are able to make a choice, the choice being to participate in the illusion or to walk away from it. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds – Bob Marley. Choosing to free your mind of the chaos of repetitive, historical patterns appeals to the warrior seer who is committed to being impeccable with his energy.

I’m aware that many people are aligned with Get up stand up, stand up for your rights – another Bob Marley song that I have always appreciated to the core. Hence, I often find myself sitting on the fence. My inner warrior of freedom wants to rise up and rebel. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a blog to this end over the past year and the equal amount of times I’ve chosen silence instead.

Together, each in our own beautiful way, we can work our magic to raise the vibration of the entire planet. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who follow their path that leads them to protest and stand up for their rights. In so doing, everyone benefits and balance will eventually be restored.

John Lennon said I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round, I really love to watch them roll, No longer riding on the merry-go-round, I just had to let it go. The choice that some are making is to get off the merry-go-round to focus our energy on what it means to be in the world and not of it. This may be easy for some, impossible for others, and I admit it has been challenging for me. I’m not saying that it is the best choice or the right choice or the wisest choice, I’m simply saying it is a choice.

Many of us who are aligned with the warrior’s path of knowledge through the teachings of Don Juan have come to recognize that Intent is the driving force behind all things. It is when we align with Intent that all things become possible and this is, in and of itself, magic. We recognize that though we are in this world, we are not of it. We know at a visceral level that we are more than the stories that define us. We sense our energetic vibration as it relates to the resonant frequency of the whole. We live our lives in a state of wonder and awe at the absolute immensity of it all. And we see that we are capable of monumental change as a collective. Tada!

To transcend duality, one must release the pitfalls of absolutes. This is where wave-particle theory comes in. When colliding opposites (particles) are in resistance to each other, they merely bounce off of one another and as such, change is not effected. The particles bouncing back and forth and against each other, maintain their original form in duality (good/bad, us/them, etc.). This keeps the duality active and the particles are energetically associated. Like a pinball machine, the balls get shot out, bounces around, and eventually winds up exactly where it began.

When waves roll out, they create ripples that spread out, distributing energy over a vast area of space. This energy provides immense strength to the regions that it affects, making those areas stronger. The energy of a wave can come crashing down to deliver a sharp impact (aka stopping the world) or it can be like a drop in the ocean, creating a ripple effect that gradually spreads out over the vast sea of awareness. With Intent, the wave can transmit the energy of liberation and higher consciousness. Over time, the energy of the wave dissipates leaving no trace. This is impeccability.

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend. – Bruce Lee

To maintain perspective about what it means to be alive on this beautiful planet, I am reminded of the importance of the Middle Way on the Buddhist path, and how to circumvent becoming trapped or anchored in the paradox of opposites and instead, exist in the presence of eternity. As we navigate the world from the perspective of being in the world and not of it, we neither remove ourselves from the world nor become lost within it. The multiple levels of discomfort that the entire world has been experiencing for over two years seem like some insidious twisted agenda of immense proportion that affects us all. I have come to realize that this global challenge is a necessity in order for each of us to step into the realm in which we can be most productive based upon our strengths, talents, and experience, and I have nothing but gratitude for all of the parts which comprise the whole.

Sometimes I ask to sneak a closer look, Skip to the final chapter of the book, And then maybe steer us clear from some of the pain it took, To get us where we are this far. But the question drowns in its futility, And even I have got to laugh at me, No one gets to miss the storm of what will be, Just holding on for the ride. The wood is tired and the wood is old, We’ll make it fine if the weather holds, But if the weather holds we’ll have missed the point, That’s where I need to go. – The Wood Song by Indigo Girls

Keep dancing!

17 thoughts on “In the World and Not of It

  1. Wow woman, this post giving me shivers. So attuned, wonderful meditation, touching points both deep and light. accept my gratitude. the more i hear you, the closer i see you. your path has heart, not just for you. time after time i encounter your foot prints on the trail next to the one i am attempting to follow.
    last night my dream took me to a mountain top retreat with Tibetan Buddhist monks. there are times for activism in the streets, and times for sitting quietly while tyrants destroy each other with their own lunacy.


    • Thanks, Jack, I appreciate your response. What you shared is very meaningful for me. I have taken time to connect with silence over the past few months, on a much deeper level. In a recent sweat lodge we meditated on the seed syllables for 45 minutes. In just sitting and chanting its amazing of the depth of connection that arises to be able to truly see the necessity and importance of all perceptions simultaneously.


  2. Most do not understand that the path of balance in duality is intent and the simultaneous acceptance of the reality of both. Your wisdom is much appreciated.


  3. There is only One Magic, it just depends on how you apply it.

    I’ve been considering the word warrior a lot in the past year. I’ve always been a warrior, questioning everything, not complying, demanding answers, searching for the truth, you name it. Rarely considering balance in my younger years, but more focused on defeating.(remaining in duality)

    After these last 2 years going back and forth and getting caught in the stage show, I experience over and over, what I call little Epiphanies, or waking up. Whatever this existence we are in and experiencing, I am constantly being mesmerized by the program… by the magic of it, good and evil. That’s why it’s so hard to rise above it, to just observe, to choose balance over defeating.

    Every day I catch myself in conversations that eventually only show that I am still buying the “program” the CONditioning… It just happened to me yesterday, when I uncovered another magical plot to manipulate who we are… and then went and shared it, and then went and had a deep discussion about it…carried on today.

    I even told a friend this:

    People who expose the program… For example; “well known” journalist who is always exposing the bad magic… Is he actually awake? Because what I’m starting to figure out is if it’s actually all a stage show.. Clap your hands admit you got mesmerized by the special effects, invested some e-motions but then you freely walk out of the theater. If you want to tell someone about the show well, fine but remember to tell them it’s just a show so don’t get hung up on it.

    ahhhh, As if it’s that simple eh?

    Always lessons in impeccability for sure..

    It was in this past year that I have chosen to get off the merry go round, to spend most of my time observing, and to try my best to stop buying into the stage show. It’s certainly not easy, a lot of programs to uninstall. Still a lot of questions too. Who are we REALLY? Why does the illusion have such an effect on us? Thank you, Lorraine, for sharing your perspective and inner knowing of how reality works and who we are! Many of these concepts are familiar to me, easily over looked while the movie reel is spinning, hypnotizing me into the Trance of Life.

    I am not convinced that suffering is necessary, or that all of us have to experience the storm. Conditioning, as you described, in the stories we tell, The fall, the crucifixion and the redemption. It seems that suffering the storm is part of the illusion. We feed this illusion when we protest it. We feed what we do not want with our energy, creating the illusion to grow.

    What very much resonates with me is that we do have within us the Power to imagine and create, but even this can be a trap, it can keep us in the illusion, so like you always remind us, impeccability and intent are key. Playing in this dream without giving ourselves away to it.

    Well, I am just sharing my own thoughts on your beautifully worded and impeccable message!


    • Hi Kara, You are always so clever with words. I like how you use the word CONditioning. This is why the recapitulation is so important; it allows us to unwrite all of the stories and release them so we are able to return to the true essence of oneness. And then we can move through the world as you have, as an observer to everyone’s story without judging their process. Is the glass half empty or half full? Who cares!

      One of my favorite verses from the Tao Te Ching is this:
      The Tao is called the Great Mother: empty yet inexhaustible, it gives birth to infinite worlds. It is always present within you. You can use it any way you want.

      Thank you!!!


  4. Lorraine, thank you for another thought-provoking and inspiring post!

    I love how you opened with lyrics by Robert Plant, since Led Zeppelin is my favorite band. In the song, “Ramble On,” Robert goes on to sing about how his journey is to find his baby (obviously his woman) — his “bluebird” — after she was taken from him. The bluebird is, in many cultures, considered a mystical, magical, artistic symbol of joy, freedom, and color: The bluebird of happiness. His “baby” represents the feminine aspect of his soul, which he then metaphorizes as the bluebird.

    Robert paints an epic musical picture of searching for his stolen joy — and isn’t this what many of us are discovering has been perpetrated by the predator? Now, we must use our intention to reclaim our stolen joy, our wings of freedom and beauty, while singing our song! Sounds like “keep dancing” to me!


    • Thanks for providing this deeper explanation of this song, Sharine. Zep is my favorite band too and Ramble On is in my favorites. Their music truly returns me to a simpler and more care-free time. “Then as it was, then again it will be, And though the course may change sometimes rivers always reach the sea.”


  5. The prime intent of a so called “warrior” is supposed to be freedom or liberation/uncompression/defragmentatipn//infinity. (Yawn…).

    Who is in the world? Who is not of it? Who is it describing such things? If you are it, then who are you?
    How come you don’t remember yourself when the world disappears as it does for most of on a daily basis?

    So you don’t remember yourself. And yet you are able to define what is you or what isn’t? 🙂

    Smoke and mirror indulgences is the “tonal”ity of this age. And the world that appears and disappears is held together by the pusedo initiated, paper tigers and charlatans.


    • Hahaha and wow, thanks for your very cerebral comment! The first thing I have to wonder is if you feel as though the path of the warrior is so trite (yawn) then why are you reading about it?

      When I consider that the universe is aware of itself, it may likely, in a wordless manner, define the nuances of which it consists. Rolling, waving, moving, pulsing…

      I’ve always said there is no truth there is only perception. Every story is an illusion and in so being, it may be ignored, embraced, modified, or recapitulated. My story is also an illusion. I claim no truth. I share my experiences not so others can become my story; rather, so they are able to liberate themselves from the stories of others.

      You come here with judgement and disdain. What is your story?

      “It’s not the people around you who are at fault,” don Juan said. “They cannot help themselves. The fault is with you, because you can help yourself, but you are bent on judging them, at a deep level of silence. Any idiot can judge. If you judge them, you will only get the worst out of them. All of us human beings are prisoners, and it is that prison that makes us act in such a miserable way. Your challenge is to take people as they are! Leave people alone.” – Active Side of Infinity


  6. One year later this post has aged very well :-). Thanks for the reminder – I hope you’re well?
    Energetic ripples from weird old Europe,


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