The Great Illusion

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is – infinite. ~ William Blake

Last week presented an opportunity to get away, far away from humans; the only sounds being the inhabitants of the forest and the occasional airplane overhead. It was one of those times of necessary withdrawal from the world in order to untangle the energetic lines, or fibers, that had come in and made my thinking crowded. The lines are essentially the ideas and thoughts, situations and experiences that cross my zone of awareness and are, for all intents and purposes, collected by me. It was definitely time to unravel the lines.

Suffice it to say that none of the lines really belonged to me at all, they were the fibrous lines of multitudes of people across eons of time to this current era that were floating within the abysmal void of infinity waiting, just waiting, for someone to grab onto them. It’s been an interesting journey through time, amazing to be my own witness in determining which lines to grasp a hold of. And sometimes I grab on to too many at once, resulting in the need to retreat, untangle them from the creation that has birthed in my mind and to let them go.

Sitting through a gentle rain, my being seemingly empty for a short while, my mind began to focus on the “truth”. The only answer to what the truth is, is that there is no truth, only perception. That everything is, after all, an illusion. That the lines that we choose to grab onto are not real at all, but merely represent that which we are willing to bring into our awareness at a specific point in time for a specific point of time and sometimes for a very specific reason. Consciously knowing this is a true journey in awareness.

The interesting thing is that most people try very hard to align themselves with the truth. This so-called truth obviously varies based upon upbringing, religion, people, experiences, etc. People have their personal truth which may actually be the only truth that there can really be. A person’s truth is very much the result of what they want to create themselves and their reality to be whether they do so consciously or not. Their perceptual filters take the information from their experiences and in turn omits, deletes, transforms, reinforces, denies, strengthens, embellishes, etc. and then this information becomes their personal truth, in a way that best serves the person who is creating that truth and aligning with it.

When people, whether they are psychologists, spiritualists, shaman or healers, attempt to help one eliminate a pattern or a habit that has become either damaging or outmoded, they assist by helping one to basically “unwrite” the pattern, unravel the story. This is particularly true of people who have become programmed into a cult or some heady religious sect. The “story” creates a delusory state of mind or illusion.

If this is the case then aren’t we all living in state of delusion? Buddhism speaks of dispelling illusion, breaking free of the illusion that has been constructed as our reality and ultimately causes suffering. The ego has such a need to construct a concrete foundation so that each aspect of our lives fit neatly into compartmentalized slots because it is these very aspects that define a person’s being. Break free of the illusion, wake up from the dream and then what? And then we have the capacity to choose our reality in its entirety. To connect with intent and to the indescribable force with utter impeccability and silent knowledge.

My day in the forest ended with the knowing that there is no one single truth. There are many, many truths. Some good, some not so good. Erase personal history, let go of your personal truth, and perceive. Perceive what is going on all around you. There is, after all, only perception. The culmination of my day in the woods was simplify/perception. Simplify…perception. Simplify perception. And then, a warrior recently left a comment on this site that stopped my world when he said, “True freedom is the result of releasing perception itself!” And so it is.

We are a feeling, an awareness encased here. ~ don Juan, Tales of Power

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