The Great Illusion

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is – infinite. ~ William Blake

Last week presented an opportunity to get away, far away from humans; the only sounds being the inhabitants of the forest and the occasional airplane overhead. It was one of those times of necessary withdrawal from the world in order to untangle the energetic lines, or fibers, that had come in and made my thinking crowded. The lines are essentially the ideas and thoughts, situations and experiences that cross my zone of awareness and are, for all intents and purposes, collected by me. It was definitely time to unravel the lines.

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Ritual Habitual

Ritual can trap our attention better than anything I can think of. But it also demands a very high price. That high price is morbidity; and morbidity could have the heaviest liens and mortgages on our awareness. ~ The Power of Silence

Don Juan said, in The Fire from Within, that rituals are necessary at one time in every warrior’s life but only for purposes of luring one’s first attention away from the power of self-absorption, which keeps his assemblage point rigidly fixed. The obsessive entanglement of the first attention in self-absorption or reason is a powerful binding force, and ritual behavior, because it is repetitive, forces the first attention to free some energy from watching the inventory, as a consequence of which the assemblage point loses its rigidity.

The downside of ritual, however, is that it can trap the attention and over time the assemblage point becomes fixated on the ritual instead of seeing the ritual as, perhaps, a means of shifting the assemblage point. As a result, the ritual becomes empty and meaningless and freedom is further hindered as a result of the amount of energy spent performing the habitual ritual.

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