Evolving Beyond Earth

There exists a place where people are able to be so free of the distractions that they connect with silent knowledge and glean new, beautiful nuggets of awareness to share. Others honor the beauty of that nugget with gratitude and in freedom. And then other people connect with silent knowledge and share their beautiful nugget of awareness and are honored for the journey that has taken them to see in that manner and share in freedom. And no one becomes attached to these shining nuggets and attempts to “take” them or “have” the same nugget but instead, venture into the unknown to encounter and then share their beautiful piece with the whole, everyone marveling with wonder at the awe and auspiciousness of the universe. This is a new web of existence, each of us lightly traversing these beautiful gossamer threads of awareness, continuously and creatively weaving together through all of eternity. ~ Female Warrior

I am going to be sharing my story about recapitulating the earth, where it came from, what it means to me and why I find it to be important on my journey as a warrior of freedom. It is based on my personal experience and connection with silent knowledge. I don’t expect anyone to believe it, buy into it, try to embody it or otherwise make it their own. What I’m interested in is having the freedom to create and co-create. And if you recognize some nugget of awareness for yourself in the experiences I share then YAY, because there are many from whom I have gleaned nuggets of awareness over the years. I am open to constructive and engaging discussion and hope that before you attempt to tell me I’m wrong or that I need to seek clarification of my perceptions that you take the time to consider and honor the story you are creating and/or co-creating. How drab our world would be if we were all aligned with the same one. Our diversity is what makes us warriors of freedom.

There is so much I want to say, and yet, the words that stimulate understanding do not seem important once knowledge is accessed. In other words, my words can be a great distraction to your journey, your beliefs, or your understanding. In spite of the voice of reason and linguistically focused thought, intent flows continuously. I have come to know that understanding comes only through experience. And as far as experience goes, there has never been and never will be a substitute. Reading books provides a platform for understanding but living upon the earth in its fullest brings you to the point of merging with her, in the manner through which don Genaro was able to “swim” upon her dry soil in the desert.

Supported by this unfathomable sea of awareness, I constantly strive to liberate myself from this nearly unbearable perceptual disorder of over-identifying with form where cultural illusions have become the singular perceptible reality which ultimately causes the senseless filtration, categorization, and misinterpretation of perception.

When you come to accept the understanding that accompanies the awareness of your personal, universal life force essence you are no longer defined by the static images of someone else’s experience or by patterns that were established centuries ago. The creative force of your infinite being becomes blocked and shadowed by ancestral preconceptions that warriors have come to know as repetition. To live within these patterns is nothing more than remodeling the walls of a prison with your personal touch.

It is time to disrobe, releasing the mantles of sand and sea. We, who dare to escape from this karmic cycle of repeating patterns, must prepare to dance within a vision that inspires universal creativity.

I’ve spoken about the boost of the earth on numerous occasions and I have come to understand that when we come into total balance with the spirit and the earth we have no choice left but to awaken from the enchantment of matter (form); essentially, a spell under which the masses have fallen.

When you come to recognize yourself as an expression of a universal being, as a mere cell in the terrestrial body of the one whose consciousness is awakening within humans, this consciousness becomes uniquely and beautifully your own within the whole.

Before the moment of awakening, full understanding will be achieved. You will recognize yourselves as cells with the potential to reside within independent hubs of awareness. Biologically incarnate focal points of the same awareness that brings you to life upon this earth. When the earth is recapitulated, those who wish to explore beyond the confines of such a marvelous and enthralling being are free to do so.

More to come, and in the meantime, keep dancing!

Creators are warriors who are bold enough to risk everything in order to create their reality instead of just embodying someone else’s. ~ Female Warrior

8 thoughts on “Evolving Beyond Earth

  1. Indeed, we don’t live in a true or false universe, we are actually creating it. And the duality only appears as such, because any perception has to be intransparent otherwise nothing would be perceived. But the form and the function only exist in consciousness itself. There is no outside world, we all share the same awareness in which everything is happening with the greatest freedom possible.


  2. So many beautiful shining nuggets of awareness exist everywhere from within and without the patterns, a hologram blossoming through form and beyond. To share these treasures is a marvel indeed. Some dream to realize Oneness with the spiderweb. They become the awareness they dream. They realize themselves as the next person, the next perception, and then flow into even the next shimmering form, recognizing the dance of particles rising and collapsing. They dance the fibers into the nuggets of awareness whether from patterned perceptions of other or self and burn with the flame. What remains constant lies beyond all patterns, all warriors, all words, all engagements.

    It’s possible to dance through the artificial boundaries of self and other and realize that there’s nothing but awareness. No one to bring back a nugget and no one to take it. Only awareness revealing its diamond-facet mirrors, coming from nowhere, realized by no-thing, and dissolving before our next sip of tea, our next phone call, our mind’s next tendency to fixate a pattern.


  3. I think an answer to that is being simply awaken, become awaken. Simplicity serves a wild ‘plate’ always… and I think that is the answer.At least of mine.

    I personally place zero value, as of value that I can manage/handle on perception.
    Building as naturally -would be the word- a firm and fair connection with the Earth.Not always easy but that is the direction I have taken.

    somehow Earth , instead of perception. (It’s a little void of lines … of reason .. many times but this is I guess part of the challenge)


  4. do you see it as there being no individual selves at all once you are free from all illusions?? one unexplainable-from-this-perception-beingness being all of it??


    • Thanks for your question Hannah Lily. When free from the ego we reside in the space of pure spirit. In form it seems that our “spirit” becomes dominated by sensory input. However, without some aspect of identity to align with while occupying form we would not likely be able to function. But, it would stand to reason that “we” created our form in the first place. Without form, we would not be human, we would be pure spirit, pure energy. The goal, while in form, would be to allow or discipline our egos to exist in a symbiotic relationship with spirit so to speak. For those who wish to be free of this particular walk on earth, the ego or individual identity will have to be recapitulated before the moment of death. At that point it will become clear that as pure spirit/energy, without form and ego, we become one with the beingness/conciousness of all. And then, as energetic consciousness, it would be possible to choose to project a form of its (not ours) choosing. As pure spirit/energy, there is no identity, no ego but surely there is the potential from that state of conscious awareness to create its essence into that of its choosing. It’s pretty deep stuff and I can perceive it (within my perceptory field) but find it difficult to assign the words. Hope that helps.


      • yes, that does help. I have (or my ego has) been fighting the non-reality of this individual selfs continuing existence, I want to exist, separate and individual and me, autonomous.. for oneness to be a metaphor, not a reality.. but everything seems to be coming together to say “hey, play with it.. (individuality) but that’s not what ‘you’ really are.” so.. thank you. I think i can stop throwing tantrums of fear now.. at least for a while.. maybe til the next layer of recapitulating the self happens.. but also maybe that will be different from this experience!? i don’t feel as afraid.. it feels a little more like an adventure, less like a sacrifice.


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